Duck walks into a bar….

I know I have to stop posting these daft duck jokes,  but *just one more…….

*the management refuse the right of readers to hold them to that, and are fully aware it may turn out to be a big fat lie. Terms and conditions may apply.



A duck walks into a bar one day at lunch time. He orders a beer and a ham sandwich. After several days of the same lunch order the bartender says "Never saw a duck eat lunch in here before." The duck replies, "Well get use to it. I’m working on the construction job across the street."
A few days later the circus comes to town and the ringmaster comes into the bar for lunch. The bartender tells him about the talking duck that drinks beer and eats sandwiches. The ringmaster asks the bartender to send the duck down to the circus for a job.
The next day the duck comes in and the bartender tells him about the job offer. The duck looks surprised and asks "The circus is where animals do tricks inside a big tent right?" The bartender agrees. The duck asks, "What the hell would they need with a drywaller?"


Nope theres just no Esc ape.



6 Responses to “Duck walks into a bar….”

  1. Hun youre getting worse i do believe i did chuckle though!hmm is that a sign of encouragement,hugs m xs

  2. He must have a relative that\’s a plumberThose middle two are linked to each other – Gene Kelly ???Have funCx

  3. Nope….it was Duck with a Plum(b) sauce I was thinking of

  4. lmfao……you\’re too funnyHugs Tootsie xx

  5. A guy walks into a bar with 3 ducks under his arm. the barman, a curious fellow, wants a word with the ducks but knows the man would object. after an hour, the man goes to the toilet. "Hi, what\’s your name," he asks the first duck "Luey" "What you been doing today" "I\’ve been playing around in Puddles" "Nice, and your are?" he askes the second "Huey" "And what have you been doing today?" "I\’ve been in and out of Puddles all day, and given the chance I\’d do it again" "Oh," and to the last," you must be Duey?" "NO! I\’m Puddles, and don\’t you dare ask me how my days been!"

  6. Emma Louise Says:

    I have two ducks that I use as an alarm clock.They wake me up at the Quack of

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