Forward Planning.

Just read this article.  Scientists have long wondered whether animals had the ability to plan ahead (rather than a natural instinct to do things like store food).  Recently a male chimp in a Swedish zoo proved they can.  Every morning he gets up bright and early and calmly gathers stones and rocks which he places in small piles.  When the zoo opens to the public he picks em up and chucks them at them.  Chimp 1 – General Public – 0.  I laughed my ass off.
Is this funny or disturbing? I cant quite decide even though I did laugh lots.

5 Responses to “Forward Planning.”

  1. It\’s both funny and disturbing……… oh so disturbing. Hope you\’re feeling better, pet.Love & Laughter to you,Stevexxxoh.. so.. disturbing

  2. Ohhhh that\’s a rather scary looking kid, might turn out to be one of those smart arse ones and in a few years we\’ll see him on pop idol or summet pmsl.Bright blessings xxx

  3. LOL … the species I am in, throws down the throat some red wine every weekend. Is this planning ahead? The kid is a bit weird, but if I plan to "throw something down my throat" he\’ll become funny, eh?Hope you\’re feeling better!!! LOVE, alex xxx

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    well F**ket*y f**k!You go – I come back. : ( That\’s life, i suppose…. I\’ll write anyhow, you may read it and chuckle. The kid reminds me of the man outta \’honey I shrunk the kids\’ What\’s disturbing is that some retarded proud parent as actually taped him singing and probably (more than likely!) told him that he\’s good…which in that case, in 8 years time there is going to be a honey i shrunk the kids lookalikey with wolfmother type hair singing shit cascada songs…. This, (and what hurts the most, sorry, ahem) is what frightens me! See you when I see you, DaffyXxXPs thanks for the email you sent x

  5. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    I only find it disturbing, if later years he drives that way.heh.heeeeeey how are you? 🙂 sorry Ive been visiting another planet, i\’m only back for a few days :Pincidently.. I made a new discovery the other day (though i\’ll be honest i havent looked it up on the internet to check) so if im wrong, please report it to me.Pigeons have magnetite in their beaks. Thats how they navigate precisely. Im wondering if they knew that fact during the war, or maybe they knew \’they worked\’ though didnt know how. lolim just wondering now what else they might use it for..of course they knew that .. i bet they did …ah anywayhugs geekymazi x

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