All the sophistication of a gibbon with a wax crayon.

So this week my blog turns 4.  Can’t believe Ive been writing drivel for that long although to everyone else it probably seems longer….
Anyway to mark this auspicious occasion Ive made a little vid,  basically some of my fave stuff Ive blogged about,  daft pics and some of my fave user pics (which actually made me realize how often I end up in fancy dress – woohooooo!)
But before that two weeny conversations that provide a small insight into the kind of parent/child relationship I have…..
Dan: Whats one of the most important produces of the Congo?
Me: Umbongo.
Dan: Ya know Dr Who?
Me: Yeah.
Dan: Is it right that if he time travels and meets himself he explodes or something?
Me: Dunno I thought he just couldnt touch himself.
Dan: Did you just snigger?
Me: Um…. Yeah.
Dan: Youre so mature.

7 Responses to “All the sophistication of a gibbon with a wax crayon.”

  1. OK, never had one but just mixed Vodka + Umbongo … then tried so damn hard to watch the vid … but LOL … you did it all blurry!!! It took me a while, but then I "STARTED DEMANDING EUPHORIA" and "I\’VE SEEN YOU NAKED". "I DIDN\’T PANIC – I HAD A PLAN". While "COUNTING POTATOES" the idea came fast! I bought you the perfect gift, a "FECK-O-METER". And because you\’re "WICKED COOL" I am sure you\’ll accep it . "YOUR HOUSE IS A MESS" BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT DULL!!!! So clean up a bit and make room for my present … will ya?Daf … the video is EXCELLENT !!! Love all your pics and super jokes !!! My loos I did not meet you a while back!!! Happy 4 yrs old … YOU "KILLER ATTITUDE"!!! (still hope to see you back).((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) and LOVE, Alex XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Morning chick, well we enjoyed watching that and happy birthday to your space lol. Jack liked it, chuckled all the way through hehehehe. Then he asks if I am gonna write about him, who, me, nooooooooooo pmsl. I started doing one of them video thingys for that fit man of mine cos he likes taking piccys. Trouble is they are mostly all of him pmsl.I might have a few drops of voddy later as a toast to your birthday blog, then I\’ll probably nod off hehehehe.Bright blessings xxx

  3. Happy birthday to your space 😀 You keeps us all chuckling Daff. Keep it up chicken – Duck sorry.Love n hugsFluffx

  4. Hip Hip Hoorah…. Hip Hip Hoorah… Hip Hooray….. oh dear, one of my hips has gone. Many congratulations on spending 4 years in this hell-hole we call Spaces. It\’s cos of people like you that we find it pleasurable to be here too. I\’ve lost count of the number of times I\’ve had to pleasure myself, whilst waiting for people to write interesting blogs.I luv the video too. No, really, I do.Love a l\’orange,Stevexxx

  5. hey hun still no guestbook i see lol how am i supposed to leave you you porn lmao hugs m xs

  6. Happy birthday Daffy………sorry i couldnt see your video just dont have enuf space on my comp tod ownload the flash player but ill be back to see it when i do……Thanks for dropping by and for your comments as well….its the middle of summer my part of the world and yeah there are lots of flowers in my garden its great fun waking up to see something new in your garden……………i love to watch things grow………..

  7. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    of course you may come :Dbut I have to tell you, its impossible to select a year, because there is no such thing as time there.The past 2 years.seem like a day.Has it really been 4 years? I need to get off my ass.Let me know when the kidnappers bring yo back again.Love n hugs mazi 🙂

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