Things I have done today instead of tidying up…

 Things I have done today instead of tidying up…..
Drunk copious amounts of coffee, smoked many fags, made a new playlist (cos obviously thats of the utmost importance), spent an hour on the phone to my mate, sent random texts, annoyed the dog, rated pictures of peoples cooking (whether it looked nice or nasty), rejoined Facebook and poked people, hunted down my errant sister and sent her a message,  and tried on the various bottles of perfume in my room til I smelt like a whore.  Its been nice….



6 Responses to “Things I have done today instead of tidying up…”

  1. HAHAHAHA … damn perfumes … it smells over the pond … LOL Why didn\’t you play with a voodie? Would\’ve been better !!! If it smells good doesn\’t mean it is … good. Just curious, were the people coocking wearing only aprons? What on earth can you rate to a person cooking?LOL … take care, eh? Have the best smelling evening ever !!!!LOVE, Alex xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh no not coffee!! I drank so much over the weekend I haven\’t slept in 48 hours!!Good productive way to spend ur day apart from that! I have to go now, it smells like a whorehouse in here!

  3. Ohhh I did the ironing then slung a fit man round me bed, result lmaoBright Blessings xxx

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    koooo eeeee : ) Nice to hear from you…xxx mended my pc and have wireless so I can get online in a flash (ooh, sounds like a commercial!) My, what a busy and interesting life you do lead…. I\’m just a whore without all that perfume, but it\’s fun to try and be one of an afternoon!! : )) A duck has to do what a duck has to do! Poor doggy….and speaking of ducks, my dads just told me a joke, but sadly i\’m such a ditz I can\’t remember it (so just googled it : S) haha herrrre it isssss…..A Michelin Guide rep goes to a restaurant and orders Aylesbury duck.The waiter says to the chef "Here\’s the Michelin guy and wants Aylesbury duck""Aylesbury duck? I\’ll jusy make a nice duck dish for him"The waiter puts the dish on the table and the man sticks his finger up the ducks arse, sniffs it and says "This duck is from Carlisle. —I said Aylesbury duck!"The waiter takes it away and tells the chef what happened."He did what?! Allright I\’ll make a fresh one"The waiter returns and the man repeats the finger up the ducks arse move and says "No! This duck\’s from Birmingham. I want Aylesbury duck!"The waiter tells the chef."Shit!!! I\’ve only one duck left. I\’ll cook it, and that\’s the lot"The waiter brings out the third duck and the man repeats the finger up the arse move. He sniffs his finger and says "Ahh! Now this is an Aylesbury duck!". He tastes it and says "The finest Aylesbury duck I\’ve ever tasted. Bring me the chef!"The chef appears and the Michelin Guide man complements his Aylesbury duck."Now tell me. Cooking such a gorgeous Aylesbury duck must mean you originate from Aylesbury to know the secret recipe?""No" says the chef"Then where are you from?"The chef drops his trousers and bends over and says "You\’re the expert, you tell me!"Nighty Nite.xgrrr I want to poke many people and smoke fags : ))))

  5. Emma Louise Says:

    isnt that just a normal every day for you… ??? xxx

  6. Sanjana Says:

    hahah only you could think of doing that Daff, gee why on earth would you want to douse yourself with so many perfumes………….besides keepin the neighbors at bay……….hmmmmmnot a bad idea albeit expensive and a waste of good perfume……………………….

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