No Ordinary Morning.

Tonight Im burying myself in some old dance tracks so I thought Id share one with you. 
And now for a little joke (excuse the spacing but I couldnt be bothered to change it all) ….. 
The seven
dwarfs go to the Vatican , and because they are the
dwarfs, they are immediately ushered in to see the

leads the pack. 

‘Grumpy, my son,’ says the
Pope, ‘What can I do for you?’ 

Grumpy asks,
‘Excuse me your Excellency, but are there any
nuns in Rome ?’ 

The Pope
wrinkles his brow at the odd question, thinks for a
and answers, ‘No, Grumpy, there are no dwarf
nuns in Rome .’ 

In the background, a few of the
dwarfs start giggling. 

Grumpy turns around and
glares, silencing them. 

Grumpy turns back,
‘Your Worship, are there any dwarf nuns in all 
Europe ?’ 

The Pope, puzzled now, again thinks
for a moment and then answers, 
‘No, Grumpy, there are
no dwarf nuns in Europe . 

‘This time, all of
the other dwarfs burst into laughter. 

again, Grumpy turns around and silences them with an

Grumpy turns back and
says, ‘Mr. Pope! Are there ANY dwarf nuns 
anywhere in
the world?’ 

The Pope, really confused by the
questions says, ‘I’m sorry, my 
son, there are no dwarf
nuns anywhere in the world.’ 

The other dwarfs
collapse into a heap, rolling and laughing, 
the floor, tears rolling down their cheeks, as they
‘Grumpy shagged a
‘Grumpy shagged a


8 Responses to “No Ordinary Morning.”

  1. Happy Easter, Babe. Hope you have a great day.I was going to dissect the joke, but I suppose pointing out which of the seven dwarves wouldn\’t act in such a manner would be futile. However, I shall. Dopey probably wouldn\’t have got the joke in the first place, and Bashful would be so worried about being mocked for his actions, that neither of them would have rolled around the Vatican floor. Sneezy would probably be too weak, and Doc far too sensible. Sleepy, wouldn\’t have the energy to waste….. and Happy is always laughing, so nothing out of the ordinary there.Having said that, it is a very funny joke……. PML, and the inclusion of the Pope makes it all the more Eastery.Love & Latin to you,Stevexxx

  2. Happy Easter my friend!!! Wish you a bright and peaceful weekend.Oh … the joke? I am still following your advice and dancing my arse till I drop … but it hasn\’t done anything to my brains! YET!So, when that improves, I\’ll probably be able to get more of the funny stuff … for now, I\’m in a really dumb stage. Need a lot of dancing … lol.LOVE, Alex xxx

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    Ooh, wait, Sneezy \’blew\’ a chimp! Happy – got luckybashful – got bangedDopey – had no f*(*Ing clueSleepy – well, he slept on the jobDoc—umm, he ordered himself some viagra….and snow white, she wasn\’t so pure! Awesome joke, must go change my tena pad! Easter Greatings Daffy and lots of choccy eggs and voddy to you xxxxxx

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    Forgot to say – lovvvve the recordCan you remember chicane feat Bryan Adams (or is that bryan adams feat chicane???? : S \’don\’t give up\’Have a nice night x

  5. Hiya. Just popping in with a greeting at this early hour of the morning.Can\’t sleep for some reason. Can\’t be cos it\’s too warm. It\’s only about 3 degrees.Still, you don\’t need to know that. I\’ll have one more crack at getting to sleep, and then I\’ll have to resort to seeing what\’s on Comedy Central. There\’s usually something on there that sends me to sleep.Hope you\’re all well and all that.Love & Laughter to you,Stevexxx

  6. Hey there !!!! Just passing by to say HIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!HOPE YOU\’RE WELL !!!!HAVE A SMASHING WEEK. LOVE, ALEX XXX

  7. DragonBoy Says:

    Heavens above young Daffo… You wandering in all a-leaping an\’ a-hollering your \’Halleluyaaaaaaaaaa\’s about the place has raised the dust in this here sleepy town. We\’s simple folk and you\’s rustlin\’ an\’ a bustlin\’ with your fancieeeeeeeeeeee town ways have caused unrest and the cattle are a-moo-ing. And we ain;t to keen on that brotherly lovin\’ that you be preachin\’ about… it ain\’t gone down well with the menfolk who are quite keen to keep lovin\’ their cattle like good honest folk do…An\’ Jesus was a date man… I thought you\’d have known that being a duck of the cloth…. and if there weren\’t dates about he\’d make do with a close relative of the date… the fish. They grow on palm trees y\’know but they\’re hidden by the big floppy leaves and you have to look really hard.Pineapples weren\’t introduced in to the bible until the late 60\’s when there was the summer of pineapple love in \’62. The kids went mad for them but the parents would shake their fists at pineapples and blow their cheeks at them and say things like… weren\’t like that in my day… we had to have tripe and dripping and be happy… It\’s where Elvis got his hip-shakin from. He had an unusual aroma about him that attracted pineapples and during that now infamous film reel of him pulling shapes, he was actually trying to fend off pineapples that were crawling up his legs… The excuse was given that his hip shakin was seen as lewd and provocative and so they would only show Elvis from the waist upwards but really it was a fist shakin, cheek blowin, pineapple hating producer that didn\’t want to give pineapples any air time or publicity…James Dean was smoking a pineapple when he crashed… They have a lot to answer for…Anyway… now things have had time to calm down on the coconut issue, i\’d like to stir it up again and destroy your points that you were what raising in your comment that you left not some moments ago way back when. I\’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that coconuts are trying to be everything to everyone…trying to please all of the people all of the time… It\’s got husk, it\’s got juice, it\’s got fleshy nutty stuff… It\’s all over the shop… It\’s the hussy of the fruit/nut/vegetable/animal/mineral world. I wouldn\’t be surpised if they coloured themselves in with a sharpie pen to get that all-over brown tan look… They\’re disgraceful…Right… I should go fly a kite… up to the highest height… I should go fly a kite… and send it soaring…***When you wish upon a coconut Wednesday hugs***DB xxx

  8. Hi.Wishing you a beautiful day and a lovely weekend!**HUGS**Candy

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