Huggin like a ninja ;O)

So I just dont seem to be getting any time to blog at the moment,  but I do have the occasional zoom round to see what everyones up to.  Thought Id grab a minute today and drop in with some hugs.  Special thoughts goin out to Tootsie at the moment so the biggest ones are for you. 

Aaaaand Im outta here…..


5 Responses to “Huggin like a ninja ;O)”

  1. hehehe … attack me with a HUG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I\’m always for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!Glad to see ya funny and zooooooooming !!!!!!!!!!!((((HUGS))))) back !!! Too many ??? Well, that\’s just me … hehe. LOVE, Alex xxxx

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Wotcha Daffo…Are ninja\’s allowed to hug???… I thought under International Ninja Law, the use of hugs was strictly forbidden as it caused undue confusion and stress to the intended victim… I mean, you\’re faced with a ninja right and you\’re thinking… goodness me… this looks bad… i think i need to cancel those extra pints of milk that i ordered for the soiree I\’m throwing next week… and he leaps majestically through the air… curving a perfect joan of arc in the dewy mist of the early morning… the lapels of his bry-nylon fleeced donkey jacket catching the rays of the early morning sun (hey… even ninja\’s have dress-down days), the falling snow undisturbed by the fluid like actions, honed through years of intense practice… the rain glistening off his bovine brown leather chaps (is it me or is this some sort of screwed up weather we\’re having?)…Anyway… all that palavour is going on… the stench of follow through is in the air… and then he only goes and hugs you. That\’s just stupid. You\’re expecting death on a stick only to find you\’ve got hug on a… on a… well… just a hug. I\’d be asking for my money back… calling claims direct…. Have you been hugged by a ninja?… So if you don\’t mind I will pass on the ninja hugs… but thanks for the offer…***Wang Chung Wednesday Hugs***DB xxx

  3. Planet Nicola Says:

    I once hugged a ninja. His name was Raphael… It was ok…. until I realised that it wasn\’t a sword in his pocket! : ( I wouldn\’t advise it! : )))xxxxRegards,A. Nin. Jargh

  4. Mazeeeeeooow Says:

    Hey Daffy. Hope all\’s okay :)I\’ve decided youre right about these spaces, so I\’m deleting my space.first I had about a thousand of them, now I\’ll have none. heh heh.ran out of things to say though to be I\’ll keep in touch by email.speak to u soon.. hugs mazi x

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