Without murbling lots about insomnia.  Ive had 7 and a half hours sleep.  On the same night.  In a row. 


18 Responses to “So…..”

  1. Calm down dear ….Go and have a nap to get over it !he heTCCx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hi sleepy, thanks for the birthday wishes…Better late than never, that\’s what I say…I\’m no stranger to insomnia. It\’s an awful feeling just lying there, waiting to nod off. A bit like the time I rented out \’Last action hero\’ on dvd…it puts you out for the day aheadTry and aim for an whole 8 hours tonight Anyways…Happy Wednesday! luv Nicxxx

  3. xxx Hugs to ya daff\’s , i\’m off for a weekend of indulgence HEHE !!i would invite ya\’s , but wouldn\’t wish for you to be corrupted ,,,, ,,,,, ,, again ! XD

  4. Heeeeya Dufs !!!! Take your walk in the park among the wonderful flowers, but I\’m the weed …LOL. You\’ve got on the wrong path there zooming by … hehehe. Chocolate? Should have kept it secret I have metal collar for it. Well … now is out. Should have tried Lou\’s cake an settle down … LOL. While I\’m in the wrong cellar, pass by and bring me a beer will ya? FOREVER GRATEFUL !!!!OK, now I\’m back to nice ME – serious, please take good care of you and come by anytime! Always a pleasure to see ya! LOVE, HUGS and KISS, Alex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    Woot WOOT!Hey yo, wots up, Daffy?!Um, It wasn\’t anything too funky, just a peck on the cheek (hardly hardcore porn style orgies!) : ) A small joke …A nun walks into a bus and sits behind the driver and says, "I have just one regret before I die,"The bus driver asks "What might that be?", she says "I have never had sex, but I can\’t have sex with a married man or that would be a sin."The bus driver says, "I\’m not married"The nun says, "I have to die a virgin so I will have to take it in my ass".Being the only two in the bus they went to the back and took care of business.When they were done the bus driver says to the nun, "I have a confesion to make, I am married."The nun says "I also have a confesion to make, My name is Tom and im going to a costume party!" happy saturdayyours,funky friendxx

  6. Hi Daf,It\’s Mother\’s day here in Canada, WOOT! lol!But everyday should really be Mother\’s day everywhere! a Wonderful day hun,**HUGS**Candy

  7. Emma Louise Says:

    Hey lol, you\’re totally right about my "ballooning ex". He\’s a state isnt he 😀 How are you? Can we get some drinks soon?? Word is the Clubs takings are not enough to cover its bills now so expect closure before long xx x Miss you xxx

  8. Hiya Daf!Yeh, tis a damn shame about those bankers, eh? Tis damn shame no oen will lend you a fiver to help them too! LOL! Fuck \’em! The bastards!I aint had much sleep myself, not been sleeping well the last few weeks, just can\’t get comfortable! Urgh! I hate feeling tired! Hope you get some soon!Hope the week is off to a good start for you! 🙂

  9. Yo Duckoid!Thought it was about time I popped in. Make sure you are behaving yourself. I\’m ashamed to see that you are – come on Daf pull your socks up!! Ahhhhhhh I remember the days of skllduggery and misbehaviour. We were the Chuckle Brothers of Blogland, a twisted Richard & Judy, Monkey Girl and whatever I was called. So long ago that my por feeble mind can\’t even recall. Anyway, I\’m thinking of getting into blogging again as Facebook is totally inane and I\’ve got a bit of time on my hands. Great to chat before, I\’ll pop in and pester you some more. Seems that you\’re not getting enough stick in here…… So polish your dorsal fin, I shall be back!!!!!!!Luv ya my monkeyfaced freakoid of a friend.Huwby xx

  10. Ah that was it – Incontinent Boy!!!!!! New I had a purpose in life……:)

  11. Emma Louise Says:


  12. Is that the most you ever had? I saw ur note, only just. I got confuddled with my space settings! doh. Are you still asleep btw? x

  13. Melissa Says:

    awww…dammmit, these filters at work dont allow me to see whatever that picture is!!! blast!! it kinda sucks to work at a school…cant cuss…cant spank students…cant drink….

  14. Hey Hey!! Just to let you know that Clamidia has been in touch to say that she has opened up her blog again. She apologies for the long absence but apparently she\’s been on a world shagging tour and is now back – albeit slightly bandy. It will take her a little time to get the site back up to speed but for old times sake her naughty prblems can be found at There\’s heaps of reading in the archieves too. Anyway Daf, she sends her love as you were one of her most enthusiastic contributors – or shouldn\’t I have let that slip on here? Ah well …

  15. Tootsie Says:

    Bonsoir Madame le Duck,Thanks v. much for the kind comments…..although I have to say that I\’m rather disappointed that there were none of your usual heckling warblings. I mean……it\’s not often that you stand on ceremony and go all serious and considerate on me. I DEMAND that you return to the usual warped and incredibly daft duck that I know and love ;o)Hope that all\’s well hun,Hugs Tootsie xx

  16. Hey Hooo!SO I can only non-blog huh!! Well pop over and check it out. For I do indeed have the \’world exclusive\’ of Dan Brown\’s next thriller \’The Geordie Conspracy\’ for you to see. So put that in your pipe Duckula!!h xx

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