Time for a Saturday chill….

Was meant to be having a night out tonight,  but I seem to have done my neck a bit of an injury – I suspect this is the result of too much headbanging on Monday,  which begs the question… Will I be stood there one day doin my thang and my head’ll just fall off?  If I disappear suddenly you’ll know the worst has happened.

Something the boychild showed me that made me laugh….






8 Responses to “Time for a Saturday chill….”

  1. Looks like a lass I used to go out withLOLTry a hot tea towel around your neck – not in a noose or owtHave funCx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    Yeah, it\’s a WTF garden ornament. You can get them from B&M for a quid lol That\’s the worst pain Daffy- a pain in the neck. Cuz when your neck conks out the rest of it follows.Get rattied, take some pain killers and have a good nights kip – doctor\’s orders!!! I know what you meant in the comment you left me, life is too short to bother, but i just like to thinkabout other stuff than I have going on at the moment. I need a little escape and I need a drink soooo….CHEERS! xxxxxhave a good stay in night : ) x

  3. B&M ?Is that some sordid DIY fantasy store ?

  4. How very dare you !LOL

  5. Tootsie Says:

    Hey there Duckius Daffius,Ha Haaaaa……… I have just the cure. Get a pair of nylon tights, wrap them round your neck before you go to bed and they keep your neck nice and warm, relaxes the muscles and it should be much better in the morning. **As for you being serious…….. you know that you\’re totally incapable af being serious for more than about 4 seconds flat so don\’t come kidding me with weak excuses and expect me to feel sorry for ya! lmfaoHugs Tootsie xx** The author of this comment accepts no responsibility for any injuries incurred by wrapping tights around one\’s neck!

  6. Hey there!!! Thank you very much for passing by!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely laughed my head off at your link-pik. Thaaaaaaaaaanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The magic worked! Have a great week!!!!!!!! LOVE, Alex xxx

  7. HeyWoodlouse wrangling – a fine profession indeed.Do you really think I went a bit soft there? OK, I suppose the punishment wasn\’t so bad but the point was too many people were being sucked into believing that this woman had never sang in public before. First one of the series, they made her up to look even uglier and played on her lack of appeal……….it\’s about as real as an honest MP\’s expense claim.Anyhoo you are always welcome to come past and be nosy – that\’s why we do this isn\’t it?Take carePete

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