Pop and bang.

Pop up just appeared on my screen.  IS LINDSY LOHAN REALLY A LESBIAN?…. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy would I care? I mean really.  Last on my list of concerns just below ‘Is Britney bald or wigging it today?’ .  Does this mean there’s something wrong with me that I couldnt actually give a rats ass about celebs,  their life styles or who they choose to be shagging.   If I could get hold of who ever made that pop up Id bombard their screens with stuff like… DID MY SON PASS HIS EXAM TODAY? DO YOU LIKE MY SHOES? DO I FANCY A MINT?  All mind numbing to anyone else but infinitely more relevant to my life than the sexual orientation of someone I quite frankly dont give a passing crap about in my most bored of moments.
Moving on something I did think was pretty cool…

9 Responses to “Pop and bang.”

  1. Yo Daffers!So I take it that you don\’t really care whether Linsay Lohan is a rugmuncher or not. I think men may be a tad interested though as many I feel will harbour a secret hope that they have a cat in hell\’s chance of banging her at some point. Maybe in much the same way that many women hope to one day be sept off their feet by George Clooney. I however have always hoped that I\’d be swept off my feet by George Formby, but alas. its not to be. Anyway, just spoken to my publisher and they are now very keen on Brian Blessed narrating my book as an audio book and will produce it. About blinking time! I\’ve been pestering everyone for months about this opportunity and at last its going to happen. So, watch this space for more info on how this progresses. Hopefully now this damn book will start doing something useful. Hey, and I may even get to bang Lindsay Lohan, presuming she\’s not a lezza!hxx

  2. Who\’s Linsay Lohan ?

  3. Emma Louise Says:

    Daf, I need to know the name of that click click boom song, and also the regulars that Paul plays down there last night! 😀 some new choons that tickled me fancy xxx

  4. Emma Louise Says:

    there were loads, it was a pretty good set, however the cd\’s kept sticking and well playing to 16 people is never much fun xxx

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    Lindsay Lohan grinds my gears!! …and so does that Pete Doherty- DJ look-a-like thingy. They should be publicly culled!I was hoping to see them in the video above : ( Anyhoo\’s, fancy a mint? (sorry, i\’m out of after eights…a polo? : )xxx

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    Wot ho Daff… Slightly disappointed in the vid if I\’m honest… thought it was about apple sours… Mind you it does explain why the man was wearing headphones. Back in the days when i used to be a sharp-shooter I couldn;t hit a barn door til i\’d psyched myself up with a little bit of bon jovi… I\’M GOING DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWN IN A BLAZER OF GLOOOOOOOOOOOOORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY… TAKE ME DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN AND ***mumbles incoherently****… I\’M GOING DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN IN A BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZER OF GLORY… NO I ***mumbles** **mumbles more*** DREW FIRST BLOOD I\’M THE ***mumbles*** YOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNG GUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!Wanted dead or alive in 15 counties I was… and \’If you can catch him, great, but don\’t go out of your way or anything\’ in another 3. They called me the \’Monster Munch Kid\’. I used to wake up in the morning and I\’d raise my weary head and I had an old coat for a pillow and the earth was last nights bed. I didn;t know where i was going and only I know where I\’d been… I was a devil on the run, a six gun lover, a candle in the wind… and this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Diana. Took all the attention away from me she did. Fucking Diana…. eeeeshAnyway… As for Lindsay Lohan I\’ve only just realised she was a she…. always thought she looked like a man in drag. To think she could be a lesbian is just one step too far for me at the moment…***Woo-eee-ooo-eee-oooooooooo… Waw-waw-waw Wednesday Hugs***DB xxx

  7. Hiya Daf! You know what, that sounds like a plan go for it mate! haha. HAHAHA They\’re all a bunch of bent bastardsm them and the politicians! I wish we could hold them directly accountable, doesn\’t look like the people will force them too though, they\’ll soon get bored with the current chaing of the systyem debate and move on to dicsussing the when and why Essex Baribe doll and that Austraalian split up. Idiots!I\’m currently sleeping okay for a changes! :O I amaze myself sometimes, wonder how long it will last? Hmmmm. How are you and what\’s been going on? Lohan? Who cares????????? I see them adds all the time, it\’s just a example of how bad our society has gone, not only are they in the papers, they\’re in pop-ups. And why? Because the majority of the sad wankers in the country read them and get all excited! Idiots!Surely that gun is some kind of sub-machine gun? Hmmmm If it aint he\’s freeking good!Hope all is well with ye! :o)

  8. Yo Daffknees!Well its all coming thick and fast this week. Got a acll earlier from a theatre contact of mine who wants to develop the kamakan show and take it on tour. Cool huh! He has an illusionist company and does magic, special effects and puppetry for the Chuckle Brithers live shoe, Joe Pasquale, Sooty and many more…….So really posh, highbrow stuff. Perfect for me!! So that\’s very cool. He only lives round the corner from me too, so will be easy to work together to get it going. Colwyn Bay a mine of lofty talent. Famous Bay people include: Terry Jones (Monty Python), Timothy Dalton (James Bond)……erm…….and…..well…. anyway enough bragging….. So that\’s all cool. So did we work out if Linday Lohan drinks from Mother Nature\’s Hairy Goblet or not? I know its a hugely important issue for you……hxx

  9. Your Dafness,No need to be like that – I am sure Lynsday Lohan would be just as interested in your sexual orientation and as for Briney, she is always asking after you…………Wouldn\’t piss on them if they were on fire but they give us something to write about.Hope all is wellPete

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