Call me cruel but…

Something I noticed today.  Seperated at birth?
 Bette Middler


 Dee Snider

So today was the boychilds 16th birthday.  Hate to sound clichéd but I cant belieeeeeeeve it.  Think he’s had a good one,  spent the day bopping between Xbox and new DVDs.  We’ve spent half the day watching original Star Trek and Seinfeld.  Im not sure which I find silliest.  At one point the make up lady had definitely gone overboard on Spock and Kirk who both looked like they’d fallen into a chavs make up bag and were a nice shade of orange.

Been out and about quite alot this week which has been fun apart from I found out one of my friends was gay bashed and robbed.  People just make me wanna puke sometimes they really do.  Walked into my mates on Wednesday night to find out she was having a wine and cheese night.  Which made me think… in the Noughties??? Turned out shes a genius cos several drinkies later I was troughing cheese and crackers like I hadnt been fed for a week. Thursday went down to see the fabulous Emz and her hubby where more drinking and nibbles were involved.  Im starting to suspect I must look malnourished cos people keep feeding me things.

Been doin a bit of reading up on Ida the missing link fossil.  The article I was reading had tunz of comments under it.  Started off quite rational with stuff about how the fossil was dated and that actually calling anything a missing link is a misnomer,  but then rapidly degenerated into an ‘I believe in science’ ‘Im a creationist’ mud slinging competition,  where people spent as much time picking on eachothers grammer and spelling as actually discussing anything worth talking about. I never worked my way to the end of them but Im sure at that point there was just a list of ‘your mom’ insults.   My main thought was aww poor little thing. I mean yeah nothing lives forever (apart from those immortal jelly fish – seriously check it out)  but shame for the wee munky.  ;O)


and one final thought for the night…



10 Responses to “Call me cruel but…”

  1. Ha HaLove the picsGlad the young un had a good day.Cheesy nipples ?Strange womanI saw the forum – Very much "My Dad\’s Bigger Than…" etc(nice touch btw)Have a lovely Bank Hol Weekend KiddaTCCx

  2. Sanjana Says:

    hi Daffy, so good to see you on mah space. ………..the diet thing well the trouble is i eat healthy but i eat too much of healthy and too much of anything good or bad doesnt do anyone any good………..i wouldnt be so obsessed with losing weight if my kneees and ankles hadnt begun to complain……………..i got arthritic knees when i was 35 and havent been able to do a lot of good lower body workouts, but things are finally beginnng to look up…………………….my knee still hurts once in a while but atleast my calves are much stronger now. i just started doing some supported squats this week and i am happy with the improvement. I think in three months time i will be using the bar for squats. thats when the weight will start falling for sure………………… the meantime have to watch what i eatthanks for you concern though

  3. Sanjana Says:

    lol yeah bette midler and dee snider sure have a face in common………………..hmmmmmhavent seen a bet midler movie in some time……..she\’s given me a few good laughs.

  4. Hi Daf.Personally I always thought that Joy Behar from "The View" reminded me of Dee Snyder.They both have about the same attitude but I think I\’d rather listen to Dee lol!!!Thanks for dropping by, not as many photos came out with the underwater camera as Sammy had hoped,but the ones that did I thought were fairly good. The ones he took of my butt came out just fine but I\’m not showing those ones. (He\’s such a perv) lol!! Have Wonderful weekend hun,**HUGS**Candy

  5. just a quicky to say I CAN READ YOUR BLOG! But i had to go through mine, i still can\’t from msn for some reason. Just off shopping for \’sgt frog\’ because it looks amusing (wikipedia it or somehting, its abotu a frog alien thing and i just liked the look of it cause the picture made me really laugh!)offspring one over and out x

  6. DragonBoy Says:

    Wotcha Daff… You wanna know the answer to your question????Lemme tell ya…So there i wasSittin at mah pcMindin my ownWhen up comes this laydeeHRH DafThink she\’s from peruAskin’ me‘Whatcha gonna do?’‘Whatcha gonna doWith all that junk?All that junk’She’s staring at mah trunkSlow down girlWait right thereAnd blink some nowCos It’s rude to stareI know it’s lushThis wagon i’m dragginBut you won’t believeWhat mah mind is plannin’A devlish planThat cannot failGonna action mah tush at the localCar Booty SaleGet there earlyCos they’re gonna go fastTimeshare portionsFor mah luscious assCos you\’re a friendHere\’s a tip to rememberIt looking it’s bestIn late NovemberThat is all…. And i don\’t even know if that answers it or not…***Seriously… I need to get out more Saturday hugs***DB xxx

  7. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hiya Daffy,What interests me most about Ida is, she\’s already 26 years old (she was excavated in \’83). Strange why she isonly just famous. But yeah, she\’s cute, unlike the weird world-domination-plotting-jellyfish. Amazing what lies in the Oceans! You\’d never have to buy jellyfish shoes again (not like ya ever did!) Belated Happy birthday wishes for your son. 16 eh, who\’d a guessed it, when his mum looks like she\’s not old enough to buy a packet of fags! : ) Happy Saturday!Errr, If there\’s any fondue parties happenin\’ this week…let us know! : P xxxNic

  8. dying2die Says:

    Hi lucky you – people are feeding you stuff – my family doesnt care about my nourishment and now even i dunt give a damn if i look malnourished – welll fortunately or unfortunately i am mal nourished – My iron level is 5 whilst 11 is normal critically low – was admitted even – LOL reading blogs reminds me of alot of things -keep writing – Take care Be blessed Regards

  9. I have that power you have! Funny though, same as you it seems to happen when I\’ve had a drink! Wonder what causes it? Since I stopped drinking cos of the UC I haven\’t had any more of them! MUST be the UC meds or something! haha Btw, doesn\’t pay to be apathetic, ask the people left over from WW2!Hey, I\’m with you on the Science and creastionists! They make such tits of themselves! When nither side fails to get the other to listen they ALWAYS end up insulting each others grammar! This happens when people on either side of the politcial spectrum debate on-line! You should see MySpace blog comments in the political section! Like a bunch of Primary school children! As yo know I\’m anti-religious, no matter what religion it is, however, I can get on with any religious person as long as they aint fantics. And if they are then I tell them to fuck off and ignore them, well I do on-line anyway! lol There\’s no point in me insulting them, it can be fun but it wont gain me anything. I\’ve only seen the video of that new find! Ineed to read up more on it, I\’ll google t later, I did a few days ago but there was nothing on it because it was so recent.Anyway, hope you enjoyed the recent weekend sunshine! xxx – PhilBtw… Dee Snider is Betty! I thought it was a well known fact? (o_O)

  10. lol @ the bat cave pic. my fave kids book from hell was \’pop! goes the hamster and other great microwave games\’tc nikki x

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