Dunno if anyone caught that news story last week about the bloke that rescued those baby ducks from the roof of that building,  and while it was very cute and probably not a good idea for em to go splatting onto concrete, it wasnt as daft of the mother duck as it seems. Cos ducklings can jump…

10 Responses to “Quackers.”

  1. Some can – but usually down (get it ?)No ?Ah Well

  2. Stupid ducks defying the laws of nature! LOL. I\’d wager if they jumped from the height that they jumpped from in that banker video on to the concreate, they\’d have been hurt! I\’d also say that if they jumpped from that tree on to concreate they\’d die out-right. It\’s the soft ground covered with leaves and probably moss that saves them.Do you know what you just said on My blog would have been a typical Victorian reaction to this case! The people were so thick and media washed that they\’d never question the system or the MPs. But yeh, he had some damn cheek! Wish we could really lynch people like him, it\’d teach the rest of \’m to NEVER fiddle the system again. He was most likely a Millionaire and he was diddling? The man\’s a arrogant gimp and needs ellectrocution lessons, not elocution lessons! ;o)

  3. Your daffnessFunny thing – being a rich rock star and trying to sound like he knows what the rest of us have to suffer. With any luck he will soon realise no-one really gives a rat\’s arse what he says and we can see right through him. If he doesn\’t stop he will turn into a puppet size Bono. Personally i think the strain of him knowing that he will never write anything nearly as good as Wonderwall ever again, is getting to him a little.Dee Snyder eh? I once saw Twisted Sister – bloody awful.Take carePete

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    Ummm, I can see the family resemblance! : P lol Amazing, her little face at 1:37 says it all. – love, pride and total achievment!Ahh, an\’ how they all waggle off into the sunset (ahem..forest) There seemed to be some foullll play going on on that roof : S laters!xxx

  5. awww cute I saw the one on news last week too and like that as well. We have some ducks in the pond by us and they have just had babies.. I love them. There is also one big massive duck there, whose partner duck got killed eaarlier in the year and he just sits by the fence where he died all the time, watching the other duck families on the pond.. I like to think he is there guarding them all and warning them of the dangers of going too close to the fence. :o) Yes, I am mad! lol

  6. Hey Monkeygirl!! About this new missing link primate; can\’t be nice for you being usurped from the \’missing link\’ status you\’ve enjoyed for so long. My sympathies to you there. I\’ll start a petition to get you reinstated. You can count on me babes!! :)hxx

  7. *cute*Whers the guy with the gun?heheh 😀

  8. DragonBoy Says:

    It\’s the way they use their Batman grappling hooks to get back in to the nest that amazes me… I mean, the way the belt is hidden under their feathers… astounding. Mother Nature at her finest ***sighs******It Always Cuts Away Before They Land… Is There Something They Aren\’t Telling Us? Thursday Hugs***DB xxx

  9. Tootsie Says:

    Oh my………check out this comment blog……….the gang\’s all here ;o)As for you my little ducky chum, I\’d keep ma head doon if I was you cuz I\’m sure that there\’s a protection group out there that works to stop cruelty to ducks. Fancy chucking ya offspring off a roof!!!Wish I\’d got Flash……..bet it\’s good for a laff roflHugs Tootsie xx

  10. But what you can\’t see is that they are wearing Parachute Pants!!!

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