Serious blog…. I dont think so


Last drink of the night…

Who da maaaaaan?


My blog is actually my media player which I love so much I actually paid for.  My pirate hat is off for the day. Dont judge me ;O)


5 Responses to “Serious blog…. I dont think so”

  1. LMFAO. Oh dear.

  2. ahhh thank god the hat is off :)safe to come in aye?heeeeeeeeeeeey!! the ole picture is back :DLook at the stupid address msn has given me?Do u understand these spaces? Are we ment to?How can I choose my own address name?can yo guess who it is? lol.

  3. oh it doesnt show the address name anymore?Do u miss my stupidity? 🙂

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    You know when you took our pirate hat off? Was your hair all fluffy and standin\’ on end… you know, like when you get a balloon and keep rubbin\’ it on your melon until the hair stands up?? No? Okkkk, then.,… That must just happen when I wear my pirate hat. : S The last drink of the night is always the saddest, unless you\’re so sozzled you don\’t know it is the last one.ANyhoos…Have a great weekend (I don\’t get the media thing…you modern people with your gadgets, I\’m still usings tapes hehe) luvNic xx

  5. What a lovely blog. I do love a blog that you can rip and enjoy on the bus.Hope you\’re having a wonderful weekend, babe.Luv n Lafta 2 Ya,Stevexxx

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