Two minutes to blog.

So very quickly cos I have about a second.  This week I have…
Been out or had company every night this week,  hence my massive oversleep today (didnt get up til half twelve)
Had a chocolate teacake (those marshmallow things) completely collapse in my hand cos I was in a hot conservatory.  Have you ever tried to have a normal adult conversation while your hand is full of smush? Its not that easy trust me.
Chucked a bottle of Speckled hen ale on the floor at the checkout in Tescos yesterday.  The girl on the checkout looked like at me like Id crapped on her conveyor belt,  but the people that came to clean up were very nice.  As it happened,  and it did it with a pretty massive explosion,  there was a man walking past in sandals and bermuda shorts that jumped practically over the shelves he was walking past.  Impressive.
And finally today had a musical stand off with a man that parked his car next to me.  When I say car I mean land rover style tank.  Mine was as a sociable level, his was really loud.  We were both waiting to pick someone up.  Our levels gradually rose while we gave eachother the evil eye,  until eventually I very slowly rolled my window up glaring at him the whole time.  He wont be doing that again in a hurry…. well alright he will but it made me feel better at the time ;O)
Anyway time to start the saturday drinking!
Hope everyones enjoying the sun!!

5 Responses to “Two minutes to blog.”

  1. Evening Saus…Errm…. I had an adult conversation with someone who had a hand full of smush (I\’ll stop there)Know what you mean re music stand off – a bit like the idiots on buses who, instead of using earphones, sit on the back and blast their music players or phones out. It wouldn\’t be so bad if it was just one they were listening to but, 6 at once ???AndHave you seen the price of bread this week ?That bloody mp who …etc etcI\’m getting oldLOLAnyhoo – about to dive into a glass of vino myselfNo i\’m not – that would just be sillyHave a most fascinating eveningTC ChuckCx

  2. Hey,You thought that was harsh – you want to see me when Jehovah\’s Witnesses are in town. Come to think of it I have not seen them in a while, maybe I have been blacklisted.Thanks for the kind words about the judge – just a bit of fun and yes, he may come out from time to time, I was finding subject matter difficult. Maybe I am getting a little more mellow in my old age but then again, the poor little councillor didn\’t think so.Have a mighty fine day and car music stand offs – what a great idea. Push some little prick in his 10 year ld fiat punto with a big exhaust to push his ICE to the limity and watch him squirm as his speakers blow up – i think i found me a new form of entertainment……………Pete

  3. No, your type of stalking I can live with :o)Very interesting week you have had btw.. esp the musical stand off incident! x

  4. Yeh, you see! When you\’re aware of what they\’re doing they WONT get away with it! I hope your mate will keep on bollocking the MPs till they either all get chucke dout or till they implament a REAL system change and anot a system vchange THEY want which would be paint over old rotten political timbers. Hey, at least you were brainwashed with the truth! ;)Sounds like you\’ve had a busy week? Hope you\’re enjoying the weather because I aint, not fond of sun and heat, espcially when I\’m on the PC upstairs in my room, makes it hot! Why\’d you have a sissy fit n Tescos? Ya silly woman you! I woulda made you pay ofr that bottle, Tescos aint made of money you know! LOL! Enjoy the rest of the sun and take care! xx- Phil

  5. bit strange, because I went to the shop earlier and i actually bought some marshmellows, I did wonder why?? because I havent eaten them in years, perhaps this is the reason then, okay I\’ll give it a go…..To be honest its difficult enough trying to have a normal adult conversation mjojoejoiru498u dooo I really have to try? arent they better ALL squashed in my mouth and me eating them? so I have no room to say anything :PThis isnt the first time you\’ve dont this sort of thing in Tesco\’s is it. heh heh.I think I remember ;)and …….. do u not have bars and clubs, to pick someone up there?heh heh heh.I\’ve forgotton what I was going to say now.but,If I\’m going \’insane\’ it actually means Im really quite sane. and never forget …..that \’all roads lead to roaDSSSSssss\’mazi x:)

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