We sooooooooooooooo

just won the pub music quizz… no internet no mobiles no cheating.
We rock!
I now have a fridge full of wine.
Anyone want a glass?
Actually it was pretty nail biting cos we drew first place for a tide breaker.  And if Im honest it wasnt me came up with that final answer….. but what was really satisfying was that the team that came second was my daughters horrible boss,  and at the end of the night I got to say ‘hello nice to meet you, great quiz, we thoroughly enjoyed it,  and his team came second and he had to be polite and say ‘well done’.
I am not a competative person at all normally,  but its good to wipe the smile off a smug bastards face, leave with his wine,  and my daughter and her friend (other bar maid) with a £40 tab to squander.
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good night!
Sniggering lots!
Daf xxx
 Ps Seriously can you break a buttock if you fall on your ass cos I think I just did………..

4 Responses to “We sooooooooooooooo”

  1. Congratulations Daf. Although there was never a doubt that you\’d win it anyway. How could you not?As for breaking a buttock, I ain\’t too sure. I fell on mine once and it left me with a nasty crack right up the middle. I\’m sure that should have healed by now.Speaking of arses, did I tell you I met Eric Cantona last night? To be fair, he wasn\’t so arsey yesterday, but a leopard never changes his socks. Ooh Ahh.Love & Laughter, Babe,Stevexxx

  2. Sanjana Says:

    lol congratulations Daf………………didnt know you were in to quizes……………….always tho ught you were intelligent though………………

  3. can i get a woopwoop?! My brains just about melting out of my ears cause iv\’e been revising all day though, can\’t wait for this exam to be over, it\’s a case of \’you don\’t have to understand it just know it\’ and i have to understand it to know it so im not doing too well at it :S ugh imunology… give me genetics again anyday! think i\’ll give up for tonight and do more in the morning. bah uni broke my happy…

  4. Planet Nicola Says:

    "smug bastard\’s face" PMSL! Me n\’ a small group of people used to win the pub quiz, but there was this liitle group who always got in the pub early doors,got their own seat, same drinks..they were like the fu***g egg heads of the pub-world. It was always a sheer joy to see their faces when they came second and I won all \’twelve\’ pints of beer. Mwahahaha It\’s great isn\’t it? Well done! I wish I could join you to get another fridge full of wine : P

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