Just a little thing but…

I seem to have mislaid my brain recently.  If anyone comes across it lying about their blog could they please return it.  I do know exactly what is causing this sad state of affairs – contentment,  lack of angst,  sunny days and the odd bottle of vino.  Apparently Im at my finest when Im not sleeping,  things are turning to crap and Im under pressure.  At the moment Im bumbling about humming and doing nothing inparticular which just isnt like me.  I did have a moment of heavy sarsasm last week when my  ditzy mother announced shed voted for the BNP cos she didnt reeeeeeeally understand their policies.  Normally finding out your mother was a closet nazi would be something to give you more than a moments pause for thought,  but it barely ruffled the calm that is my lot in life at the moment. 
This probably means that there is some catastrophe lurking round the corner ready to pounce on me at my most unsuspecting but for now Im just enjoying it.  So with this in mind 5 and a half minutes of bliss….


6 Responses to “Just a little thing but…”

  1. Sanjana Says:

    hey cheer up DAf……..we all have our moments…..lol so you havign several in a row…………………hahaha………….wine is wonderful…………..If it doesnt lift your spirits………..atleast it puts you to sleep…………………

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Wot-ho Daff… Tend to keep my brain on one of those stringy things that you normally attach to glasses.. and that\’s spectacles not wine… a la Larry Grayson… so if it pops out, one quick jiggle later and I can whip it back in… kinda like those ball and cup things that cause, ooooooooooooo, seconds worth of entertainment.I was going to suggest putting it on elastic like a small childs mittens but then you end up like the bat and ball thingy (my descriptive powers today are astounding!!!!) that provide, ooooooo seconds worth of entertainment.And don;t mention wine…. there was an \’incident\’ on monday night that has left me reeling… the after effects are still being felt… And don\’t even get me started on \’Naangate\’… A sorry incident, the details of which will be kept locked away for 50 years and then shock the world when they\’re released…As for the vid… I prefered her better known song… Your Love Is Sting… although she does a terrible geordie accent…***Wye-Aye Wednesday Hugs***DB xxx

  3. lmao.. I just spat my Irn-Bru out at your mum! No not literally at \’your mum\’ but at her voting for the BNP. Bless her cottons eh. Glad to hear you are so laid back. Not too horizontal I hope.Love n hugsFluffxxx

  4. Awwwwww poor Daff….. sorry to hear that you\’re suffering a bout of normality. I\’m sure it will soon pass, and not leave any lasting ill-effects.That reminds me. Subway do a reasonably priced BNP, but if you\’re not too keen on Napa and Pineapple, you\’d be better off just sticking to a simple bacon butty.Love & Laughter to you,Stevexx

  5. LOLI tasted it too.(not the subway offing suggested by Msr Vader).Anyhoo – tis late and I\’m flummoxed on Cat Stevens/Joe Islam etc and I still can\’t turn my alarm off the shitty watch in the drawer.heil Hitler !(just so yer ma doesn\’t think she\’s totally insane)Keep Rockin\’ SausCx

  6. Tootsie Says:

    FOUND: One brain in a state of obvious sleep deprivation. Well preserved and located lurking behind an empty bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. May have been previously used for perusing reading matter of a scientific nature as seems to have expansive knowledge of chemical reactions……. in particular fermentation!!! lmfaoOh dear…..it\’s definitely time to stop now cuz I\’m laffing at my own riduckulousness…..**snigger**Hugs O Sleepless One. Have a wonderful weekend and kep chillinTootsie xx

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