Cool Stuff…

Playing and browsing as is my wont,  couple of things I came across that I thought were cool….
(My fave comment on Youtube for this one was ‘this guy just told gravity to go f**k itself and gravity said oh my bad’)
And something less extreme..
Right… off to enjoy the sun!

6 Responses to “Cool Stuff…”

  1. He comes \’round here once a week to practice(taught him all he knows)As for the second – utter brilliance !!Love ithe heYes – Sun…. I remember that from the other week. Off out too – need a piss (no bathroom)LOLTCCx

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    First one – string, yeah invisible string. You can get it for 1.99 a metre at B&M. Second video – loved it! If you close your eyes it just sounds like rain, doesn\’t it Daffy?And plus Toto (Especially Africa) is like one of myfavourite songs ever. So Cool.Hope you had a lovely sunny day!nicolaxxx

  3. dying2die Says:

    hi hope u r well well the 1st video makes me want to try it – but oops my poor spine wont let me Regards

  4. Your daffness,Rather ironic being a \’HRH\’ and saying the royals are a waste of time – I\’m sure you aren\’t!!But they certainly are – those medals should be stick to people who deserve them!!Agree with your thoughts about dealing with chavs……I know who deserves the housing more.Ever thought about a career in politics – you make it sound so simpleTake carePete

  5. Everybody is only noticing the pot.. but there is a flower growing inside me.NO I am not okay, I need watering!heh heh.-well. I love the top video, but u know this :)the second one. Eh? wots going on? heh hehI used to really like that song :Dhugs mazi x

  6. Very wise of you to be aware of my presence. Wanna dance?Have a good one, LK;-)

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