Puter go boom… again.

So yesterday morning,  did my usual trick.  Flick on the computer and go put the kettle on. Came back to discover it had other ideas.  Black screen,  white letters which said in a round about way…. 
Dear Daf,
Sorry to do this at such short notice,  but yesterday you did something that really upset me.  In fact it upset me so much Im gonna ask  you for a boot disk I know you dont have  because basically Im unhappy with our current relationship and I need a couple of weeks off.
Im so sick of you downloading programmes then deciding they’re rubbish on a complete whim.  You bugger with my original programming like you have the first clue what your doing and regularly fill my keyboard with fag ash, and I cant even remember the last time you hoovered me out. I have no idea how my headphone socket still works as you regularly forget your wearing them when your drunk and try and wander off dragging me across the desk in a swift and alarming way. 
I know you will manage to replace me in the short term,  but I hope having to use a borrowed laptop will remind you of how great I am,   and how flagrantly you took me for granted.
Yours sincerely,  your puter.
All I can say is I am suitabley ashamed and please bare with me cos things are taking a little longer at the moment.

5 Responses to “Puter go boom… again.”

  1. Oh Daffster……..Daff……..Daffy……..Daff………Come ON!!! No way could I dream up something as unique and inspired as Silver Shred. That honour and, dare I say it, Priviledge fell to Mr Robinson and his non-PC figures of ethnic minority. I mean…..where on earth did the name Silver Shred come from? There\’s only one word for it…….GENIUS!! FFS that name just came from nowhere!Check out the link and you\’ll find that there\’s quite a cult following for it………it really does exist ;o)http://www.sainsburys.com/groceries/index.jspHope that Ms. Puter is feeling better soonHugs Tootsie xx

  2. LOLOh dear – sounds like a F8 >Safemode > system restore situation.Good luck !I\’m on remandhttp://chris-shiel.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!867A31B265A9770E!11205.entryLOLFuc* \’emhe heCx

  3. BTW – Is Toots referring to Robertson\’s ?Robinson\’s make barley water and all that sort of stuff that appears around Wimbledon.LOL

  4. How good of your computer to let you kno how they are feeling – I hope you can work things out between you.ON another day Farrah Fawcetts passing would have been big news but as celebrity deaths go – they don\’t come much bigger than Jacko.I disagree that hewas arrogant about his behaviour, I think the problem was that no one told him NO – No-one stood in front of him and said that this behaviour is completely unacceptable and he should stop.Such is the life of a celebrity full of hangers on and \’enablers\’ telling them how wonderful they are and making it all happen – whatever it is they want.Sure he had a weird childhood but that does not mean he doesn\’t know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I am sure over the coming weeks the stories will come thick and fast but as I said, since the moment he paid out, I know what i am more inclined to believe.Take carePete

  5. Terence Says:

    Hello Daf, just passing via mutual friends and found your blog very funny. What my computer says to me is totally unprintable, T

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