For my buddy…..

Why do the worst things happen to the nicest people.

9 Responses to “For my buddy…..”

  1. Just a sad fact of life chicken. All the nasties seem to get away with it.Keep your chin up and hope you\’re having a great weekend.Love n hugsFluffxxx

  2. How long does your weekend last Fluff ?LOLI agree – all the crap happens to the best of folk.Keep smilin\’ and it might go away – or you\’ll get banged up in the Nut-Househe heTC SausCx

  3. (HUGS) xxx

  4. I wasn\’t referring to me either !LOLI\’m used to ithe heCx

  5. Toy story….never one of my favourites. Some of the acting I found a little wooden. Boom BoomThanks for your encouraging words about my situation. I think at the grand old age of 41 I have finally begun to realise it is never really going to happen for me work wise – never find that amazing job that really changes my life. At the end of the day I made a bad call but I can hold my hands up and admit it.Request has been considered and granted and will be meeting about it next week – no regrets whatsoever.Glad to hear you found something in the wilderbeast advice – although I did whiff a little bit of something….er….what was it? Oh yeah – sarcasm. LIke to build things up eh?Funnily enough I wasn\’t too surprised at that little statistic too. I once read a theory that you could put a man and woman who were unwittingly related in a room and they would be drawn together no matter how big or how many other people would be in the room – odd. Mind you, in some parts of this country I have been to, marrying your sister seems like the right thing to do.Catch tomorrows blog – very intersting……..I promise.Take carePete

  6. Tootsie Says:

    Awwwww……you big softy you!!! Now be careful that you don\’t lull the poor fella into a false sense of security cuz you and I both know that you\’re gonna be involving him in your usual tomfoolery before he knows where he is!! As for forming a lynch mob………I really miffed that we missed the opportunity. Just goes to show that once again I\’m guilty of being completely naive!! I mean……who wudda thought it? Hmmmm……..not me that\’s for sure. Cuz on Planet Tootsie everyone is luvverly and kind and considerate and thoughtful and sadly, in the real world everyone\’s a complete b\’stard. Never mind…..I keep learning ;opHope you and yours are well. Are you sleeping now?Hugs Tootsie xx

  7. Sanjana Says:

    lol……….damn i shouldnt be loffing but I am………..well i guess friends are friends because they manage to laugh and stand by you through the worst of things……………….sometimes………….like this………………its worse for the friend………..but the video was way too funny……………… you been daffy…………..been a while since i visited……………Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

  8. Emma Louise Says:

    Thank you hun xxx

  9. Planet Nicola Says:

    I have this theory that nice people have to be tested by the dark side Erm, not star wars lol) maybe a bit like a test to see how they\’re going to cope, how they\’ll overcome the obstacles and the challenges that life gives them. It sucks massively, but then again i think we\’re all equally cursed and blessed – it\’s just that we hate to see nice people have to suffer (whereas bad people suffer their whole miserable little lives!) Lovvve Toy Story (have you heard of \’Up\’ the new film by Pixar… so cute, but so sad : (take care Daffy and best wishes for your friend! xxx

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