Cant sleep, bunnies will get me….

 So its that time of the year where sleep evades me.  This just seems to be part of a yearly pattern,  and oddly since I stopped giving it a great deal of thought,  I dont really mind very much.
I have recently come to the conclusion that bunnies are out to get me.  Have spent months trying to avoid them on the country roads,  but sadly a little while ago I hit one. Ever since Ive done all my country night driving at a pace slightly slower than a very tired tortoise and I still see the little gits bombing across the road two foot in front of me.  Actually I think mother nature was on the pop the day she came up with country critters,  cos Ive seen many a hedgehog flinging me the metaphorical finger while sauntering across in front of my car too.  Not content with that today a bird dive bombed my front window,  did a fine impression of a dogs squeaky toy (scaring the crap out of me and the dog) and then flew off,  I hope unhurt. My life is a bit like a video nasty version of that scene with snow white doin the dishes.  I just need a bambi type thing to come into the garden and set fire to the shed to complete my set of furry maniacs.
So anyway ,  what else am I gonna do at five in the morning but find something to chill to…. Id forgotten how much I loved this track.  Insomnia has its advantages.

4 Responses to “Cant sleep, bunnies will get me….”

  1. Oh dear mi Dear…I\’m not sure about Insomnia but the heat, the birds and the daybreak at 4.30 doesn\’t help me at all. I find I\’m nodding off mid afternoon or mid eve. Some peeps say it\’s old age – I say BLX !Where Pa used to work the building was a 5 floor glass fronted affair that reflected the building (and the free sky space) opposite. On a weekly basis he\’d have to mop up the remains of a misguided pigeon or lone starling making a break for it. Poor tweets.You could always set up a roadside, RoadKill Cafe on the A19 – I\’m sure the nice folk at South Shields would appreciate it.Anyhoo – quick flit around Spaces and on with the task of moving everything back into the kitchen and bathroom as they\’ve now finished. Well, THEY say they\’ve finished. A few bits for me to do after they\’ve completely gone.Have Fun KiddaTCCx

  2. Trust me, when a bunny gets you you\’ll know it. We sit here, all innocently, of an evening munching snacks etc… When from nowhere the BUN launches himself onto us (me usually) and pins us down till we\’ve given in and given him a share!! Honestly, you\’d think I never fed him. He doesn\’t seem to be that interested in my fruit but did enjoy a few jellybeans last night… Maybe thats the answer. Take jellybeans with you to fend the bunnies off!!Roadkill cafe sounds fab. I don\’t s\’pose you saw that episode of Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkeson arrived with a \’roadkill\’ cow?? Was funny.Keep your chin up n hugsFluffxxx

  3. Chin Up Chicken ?There ya go – first item on the menu !I can\’t believe she\’s feeding a rabbit Jelly Beans – that\’s like feeding a human a barrel of snot, mixed with glue and enhanced with 2 gallons of Red Bull !LOLAnyhoo – bad night last night for me last night…. couldn\’t stop thinking about you not sleeping and couldn\’t get to sleep thinking about how I was thinking about me thinking about you not sleeping. I called the Samaritans but they were engaged.Sod \’em – try a walk around the block for 5 mins before you got to bed – brother swears by it when he\’s been on shifts.Enjoy this mighty fine weekend KiddaCx

  4. Yep – Still got it !he he

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