Whoesome choonage

I would have said this track is genius for the summer… but my daughter would kill me.  Apparently I over use the word. 

6 Responses to “Whoesome choonage”

  1. What…. Summer ?I can\’t stand the Saarrrrffff Landan black accentGrrrOther than that – I completely disagree with youMornin\’LOLCx

  2. You know what really annoys me… When whiter than white people say \’choo\’ instead of \’you\’ and \’axs\’ instead of \’ask\’!! Why cant they talk proper like!!!As for the song. Im liking it. I\’d dance to it after a few sherries 😀

  3. Tootsie Says:

    Oh ;o( it\’s been removed so I can\’t watch it. Never mind………I\’m just gonna shake me booty round the house while I diggit wiv me homies.Yo Hugs Tootsie xx

  4. Oddly enough, it feels like ages since you last called me a genius.Come to that, it feels like quite a while since anyone did. They all know I am, but it pains them to admit it.Hope you\’re doing great, Daffy. Sorry I ain\’t been here for a while, but I\’ve been busy looking for my life, and things to fill it with.Almost there. Just one thing left to go.Love & Laughter to you, Daf.xxx

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    Awesome! have you heard \’bonkers\’? I love it, it\’s really funny! xxx

  6. Hello my Friend Daffy!I have been down in the states for the last 2 weekson vacation and have not been able to visit anyone\’s spaces.So I\’m making my visits now to say "Hello" to all my good friends!It so good to be home! 🙂 Have a Wonderful week hun!Love and hugs,Candyhttp://lc.fdots.com/cc/lc/ff/ff0b179220d16f341feaa424806a774d.gif

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