Hungarians shouldnt rap

Nice sentiment I suppose,  but I laughed my butt off at this.
business… sniggering still and outta here

7 Responses to “Hungarians shouldnt rap”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Oh my good god, is it a joke? He\’s way too old and Hungarian to be rapping (um, if that\’s what you call it?)But he\’s hot! He\’s a hot Hungarian….I think he should just do lager adverts (and me! hahahaha..oooh how rude) on that note – i\’m outta here too *blushes*luvnic xxoh ps I read your message you sent, i was just away not gone (unfortunately for spaces lol)

  2. Planet Nicola Says:

    oh 2pac chukara rest in peace! pmsl

  3. Oh My GOD…. lmfao. I actually think Ive just wet myself :-S Please tell me they didnt actually release this??? If so Im gonna need to get some Tenna Lady!

  4. Glad to here the non PC, PC is on the waiting list at long last !Working on the quiz but keep getting interruptionsLOLkiddinCx

  5. "Hot Hungarian" ?Isn\’t that a Goulash ?

  6. Hey Daf…… I always imagine you gun toting and silhouetted with bombs and flames and all kinds of stuff goin on behind you.Well, not ALWAYS, but quite a lot of the time. You\’d be amazed at some of the stuff I do imagine goin on behind you……. well, actually, maybe "amazed" isn\’t the right word. "Shocked" might have been a better choice of word.Stay safe and well, babe. I\’ll be back to make sure you do.L&L,Stevexxx

  7. Terence Says:

    Obviously a candidate for Chris\’s music quiz. T

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