Faking it.

So Im sitting here at the puter (obviously…. unless I was typing from across the room with my miiiiiiiind) faking doing something constructive.  I was reading this article about the brain,  and how it works in a slightly chaotic way,  electrical impulses not only firing the neuron its meant to but some of the ones around that one,  causing random thoughts to pop into your head.  As I was reading this,  random thoughts popped into my head.  Go figure.  Immediate proof that its true. HUZZAH!
The random thought was a charity ad I saw the other day,  that basically was asking for computers for third world countries. I just found that bizarre.  Wouldnt they rather have food,  clothes,  education,  medicine… ya know that kinda thing.  Rather than be able to go on ebay and see lots of shiney things they cant afford even though theyre very reasonabley priced from China,  or look up the recipe for beef stroganoff on the Sainsburys site knowing fine well the nearest ones hardly within driving distance. Maybe Im missing the point ;O)
So Im gonna leave you with the new Arctic Monkeys song,  because although I think its rather good who ever wrote the lyrics moved on from random thought to complete gibberish.
Not starting a new blog just to post a song,  but this is definitely my fave Eminem song and not a hint of gibberish or Hungarian in sight.

2 Responses to “Faking it.”

  1. Terence Says:

    Hello Dafs, all this reminds me of school, T.S. Elliot stream of consciousness claptrap. Personally I prefer malt whiskey to provide my gibberish. Perhaps they eat computers in the third world…..Mmmm, yummy! BTW you\’re right about the lyrics. T

  2. Hungarian Gibberish ?Is this an alternative to Goulash ?Is it like McDonalds v Burger King ?Anyhoo – yes – heard the monkey\’s track the other day on the radio (my radio) on my radio. Different.I think the idea behind donating the old PCs is to raise money by redistibuting them to poorer countries (not third world) and then the govs of those countries donate the cash they would have spent on school equipment to the third world countries for the essential stuff.Anyhoo – 2 …. Do you like charades ?Have a splendid Thursday (mon…tue …wed…) yup ThursdayTCCx

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