Worth sharing I think….

Big thanks to DB for forwarding me this cos I feel like my mobile is one of my last bastions of privacy…
You may not be aware but next week, all  UK mobiles will be on a directory which will mean that anyone will be able to access the numbers so will be open for cold calling.  It is easy to unsubscribe but it must be done before the beginning of next week to make sure that you are ex directory.  You may want to unsubscribe any personal mobiles or advise friends and family accordingly. Removal is recommended by the BBC.
Follow this link and go to the home page, then select Ex-Directory at the top right and follow the instructions which are quite painless




Moving along did you hear the one about the MI6 chief whose cover was blown by his wifes facebook,  I LMAO.  I always said that thing was too public.  Maybe it wont matter that 20 million people had access to his identity or she posted pics of the MI6 Christmas party,  taken inside that very secretive building.  Maybe its ok that his nephews posted comments saying ‘Congralutations to uncle C on his promotion’.  Our nations security is as safe as its ever been im sure,  cos lets face it if theyre quite happy to leave all our personal information on trains,  or just lose it, it was never that safe in the first place. ;O)


6 Responses to “Worth sharing I think….”

  1. Did it a couple of weeks ago kiddaDamn cheek to presume I\’d want it publishing. Like a lot of things – unless YOU check the boxes then THEY presumeGits !Security ?Hmmm…. big issues all around with that particular story.Anyhoo… apparently, MJ hasn\’t had such a stiffy since McCauly Culkin stayed at Neverland !(TeeHeeHee)………. I\’ll get mi coat

  2. Sanjana Says:

    loved the last line…………..lol………….

  3. Did you ever believe anything about this country is safe!! IA few years ago I commented on the \’dangers\’ of social networking and this is indicative of the point I was making. A bit like the friend of mine who recently was recently interviewed for a very senior post in a council but did not get the job. I suggested that he should stop boasting about his drunken exploits on his facebook page and his career might well advance!!I\’m not going to go ex-directory – I love playing with cold callers. Speak a funny made up language, give the phone to the dog, act a little strange, ask them to hold and go for a bath………so much entertainment to be had.Take carePete

  4. That was "Recently" then Pete ?LOLTry the Irish accent – Get\’s \’em every time.he he

  5. Isn\’t it wonderful! We all get our fifteen minutes of fame even, if it\’s the last thing we want. Think of all those sap "celebrities" turning somersaults to get a mention in the "News of the World" or "Hello" magazine. It would be much easier to park illegally, drop litter, let the dog foul the footpath or join M.I.6. In the early seventies a flatmate of mine applied for a job with the government as a nuclear physicist and we had to endure the presence of a grubby little man on "surveillance", watching illicit parties et al for months…….bugger got the job though. Point is , it was outrageous then [I tought it a joke] and yet it\’s allowed to encompass all our lives.

  6. :)ello :PI don\’t really mind this, infact I am in favor of it, because it may suprise people to know.They already had all this information, a long time ago.but people didnt realise it, and so now now they do.I got my new phone a year or so ago.I paid \’cash\’ in the shop.Did not register itand I\’ve always used \’pay as u go\’.You might wonder why they want to give third world countries Pc\’s, you might wonder indeed.Do you remember when they were giving them \’free\’ to council estates?anyway, sorry to hear about the death of your pc, mine is also heading the same way,the sooner the better for me.heh heh xhugs mazi x

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