Time for a Kit Kat

Taking a break from this place til I get my puter back,  which should be in a week or two hopefully.  Many more bits of it were damaged than I first realized cos the cooler fell to bits so there was alot of burnt out stuff goin on.  Its currently in the capable hands of my daughters BF.  Taking far too long to do anything on this thing so Im outta here for now. Back to poke at you all soon!
Its Friday innit so Im in the mood for…

6 Responses to “Time for a Kit Kat”

  1. Terence Says:

    Sorry to hear about the fry up, I\’m working on a computer sprinkler system which will cause only minimum flooding. Then all you\’ll need is a dry cloth and the kiss of life. All the best T.

  2. well, hogwash!I was hoping I\’d get to at least bug ya for more than a nanno second!well wishes to the sick puter on getting rid of it\’s fever!

  3. hello! , oh! your not in !!!! , get that bloody putter thingy fixed !!!

  4. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf! (^^).Just came buy to see how that crazy lady friend of mine is doing. And she seems to be still having trouble with her Puter! hahaha "Points and laughes at Daf and her smoking lappy*. I\’m it\’ll be fixed soon. Talk soon, and poke you latersssssssssssssss (not ina sexual way!) hahaha- Phil

  5. Hola!I hope you get it fixed soon! xxx

  6. Cooooo-eeeeeeeee……… where aaaaaare you? Missing you, Daf.L, L & L,Stevexxx

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