And slide to the left, cha cha to the right.

Hey heeeey fair bloggy folk.  I would appear to be back,  leaner and meaner and cleaner and Charlie Sheener than I have been for ages.  This is down to my daughters wonderbar BF sorting out my pute.  Moocho thanks to him.  Still got a few bits and bobs to download to get back up to speed but for now this is very nice thank ya.

So diving straight back in (and go on you have missed me a wee bit havent ya?) yesterday I went to a BBQ.  Well it was meant to be a BBQ but rain stopped play so it turned into a massive curry eating event.  Im sitting at the table minding my own business when this bloke I dont know (or think I dont know) comes over and says ‘Hello.  How you doin these days?’ Me being subtle as a brick says ‘Do I know you?’ So he goes on to remind me what hes called and from whence I know him.  At this point I do finally recognize him and realize the last time I saw him I arranged a date. And then stood him up.  Yeah I know Im a baaaad person so shoot me.  But anyway this was over twenty years ago and your allowed to be young and callous at 17. 

So now Im mightily embarrassed and fumbling for something to say and apologise for not recognising him.  He then says ‘its ok when you came in I thought it was you but then you took your top off and I knew it was you cos of your shoulders’.  I would like to point out I have never in any way been intimate with this man so I thought that was a bit wierd and says ‘Whats the matter with my shoulders like? And I think youll find I took my coat off not my top’…  Yeah it was all getting a bit odd at this point. So we then  have this stilted conversation about how he now manages a pawn/porn shop.  I never asked for the definition of which,  and vaguely said  ‘Ah in the current climate theres probably money in that’. Either implying were all selling our jewellery or sexual deviants. 

Awkward much?

Anyway its good to be back,  and Im off to have a whirl round and see what everyones been up to.

I feeeeeeeeeeeel…..


17 Responses to “And slide to the left, cha cha to the right.”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Good to have you back! xxxWhat a strage fellow, Daffy?! Lucky you stood him up….mind you, you could have been a highly paid porn star now earning duckets of cash…or… maybe not.I dunno. Glad your puter is sorted, anywayshappy monday! : ) x0x

  2. Hello your Daffness and welcome home,Good to hear from you again and thanks for dropping byGlad you enjoyed the pic of Amy Threshers-Victoria Wines, it is one of my personal favourites but if you want a good laugh, google image \’amy winehouse drunk\’ There\’s thousands of them!I was on the receiving end of one of them weird encounters as well – the one that someone clearly remembers much more about you than you do about them. I wont repeat what she told me she used to do when she was thinking about me as it is not quite past the water shed but it was far too much information from someone who had a bit of a crush on me when I was about 14!! The attention to detail of her memories was scary.She did invite me back to her place but I half expected to find a shrine to me and anyhoo, Mrs pete probably would have not been too happy about it!Take carePete

  3. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf! I see Gail likes you? Aint she just hawt? haha. I thought I\’d put her up there as the back ground and have a change! Spank you for your thought/s(?) on the blog. Yes, I lived here all my life and I\’ve never seen the Capital fully. Was meant to go last week, couldn\’t because of some obsticals, money being one of them! (>_<)! Btw, "Spiffing"? You trying to wind me up there with Toff talk? hahahaWelcome backski Dafski! Your first blog offering is interesting, seems this guy knows you well, or seems too. I bet he was besoted with you and you\’re the cause of him going in to the seedy world of pawn/porn! You should be very ashamed of yourself for turning the poor lad down, you changed the WHOLE direction of his life. Tisk tisk. hahaha. You feel all pointy and like a starfish? No wonder yuou can poke so many people at once!Haahahah Talk soon and hopefully poke too! haha Big hugs budski! xx

  4. Oh hello. It\’s so nice to see you\’re back. Not "your" back, cos that would be insulting, and unkind. Although I suspect it\’s a very nice back, between two very nice shoulders. Why I\’m concentrating on the back, I really don\’t know. It just seemed safest somehow.Sorry, I\’ve not blogged recently. There\’s just been so little going on that anybody would be interested in. Jerry Springer, Ronan Keating, Dot Cotton and Jason Donovan didn\’t have a great deal to say. Actually, Dot did have a lot to say, but none of it was very interesting. I may jot it all down soon, and give people something to not bother reading. We\’ll see.Welcome home, babe.xxxx

  5. It\’s always nice when you have a clean machine – Nice to have you back kidda.Gotta dash – on way homeTTFNCx

  6. Planet Nicola Says:

    Sadly I know what you mean – remember the pencil test? Yeah, well, now I can get a loo roll under there!!! : D Had a creepy episode yesterday what really un-nerved me. There\’s this old guy that I sort of know, but he seems to know me more …(no, not my dad lol) anyhow the last time i saw him where i walk past, he said something creepy to me and yesterday (on the same walk path) i saw him in the distance so crossed the road so i wouldn\’t have to hear any more of his creepy comments.So, when i was right up the road, wayyy past him, he shouted \’i could have crossed over, too!!\’ and it really upset me because a) did he see me avoiding him, did he notice? and c) he sounded reallllly annoyed. scary! aren\’t there some wierdo pervy guys about?! Yukkk. Anyhow, sorry for my boring tale, just wanted to let you know you\’re not alone in being freaked out by freaky men LOL Maybe there\’s a "freaky men of the world unite website" and we\’re on the list?!: S

  7. i\’ve heard things about you and your famous shoulders! lolGlad ur back 🙂

  8. oops, forget (hugs) xxx

  9. As broad minded and enlightened as I am to the ways of the world, what this woman told me she used to do whilst thinking about me when she was a mere 14 year old did make me blush. I wont add to the memories you will be repressing any more.Anyhoo, it occured to me that one drunken night I spent what seemed like an eternity telling a girl she was someone I went to school with – she said she wasn\’t and I wasn\’t having it. I kept going back to her and saying you are definitely so and so and she said she wasn\’t and then i would say don\’t you remember when we all went to………I can be so annoying when i am a bit drunk.Have a good dayPete

  10. DragonBoy Says:

    Bonjourno Daffa-Cakes I am clayming today as bad spelling/grammar day just because I can so with that in minedToo points wie oh wie oh wie oh wie oh wie do I hav, too bee Hanna Barbera Streisand! I sea myself as somewun far more fabulus than hur Liza Minelli or KiKi Dee (did she spel it with too capital, K\’s cos if she didn\’t she, mised out or is mising out cos I think she\’s still alyve).Secundly there ain\’t no weigh you could bee ever Louis Armstrong. I\’ve hurd you sing and yoo make Louis sownd like Aled Jones during his Snowman fit if yoo took Louis timzed the deepness by Barry Wite and then lowered it to the powur of bassoon we\’re getting somewhere neuraliun vs predita wuz horrible film und was horribly writtun wot wuz the words that wuz in it cos there wernt that plenty of them wuz just peepul gettin they\’re heds bittun off by the aliun and geting blowed up by the predita n it wasnt top gear cos that is jerimee clarksun and jayms may and the litle bloke wot crashes them big rockit cars n neurly dies***don\’t go breaking my heart tuesday hugs***DBP.S. this blog has been inspyured by your speling of Barbra which made me laugh immensleexxx

  11. Hello and thank you! 🙂 There are pictures of it on facebook.. if I can work out how to upload onto here then I will do it, but I can\’t remember! Also I have a sore arm. x

  12. I feel such an idiot when I realise – usually the following morning – that I bored someone shitless as I drunkenly blabbered on about nothing in particular and gave unwanted insight to every minor facet of life. I never wanted to be a drunken bore but here I am – d\’oh!School trip? Hmm. No, you can\’t be? Not the one? The one on the back seat of the coach? Really?They were nice them jaffa cakes – weren\’t they?Have a good rest of the dayPete

  13. Planet Nicola Says:

    PM ESSSS LLLL!! Wellll. the good news IS, that I don\’t have to apply suntan cream on my stomach anymore! : D …hey! n\’ if it\’s salmon… I think I\’ll pass! **Bleaughh** : D he he stunnerxx

  14. Planet Nicola Says:

    oh! I once thought i had a compass underthere, too… until I realised it was just a prick! boom boom!! lol welcome to my world hehe

  15. Tootsie Says:

    Hellooooooo!!! So we\’re still none the wiser…….what is wrong with your shoulders? Personally I\’d have thought that your hunched back was much more noticeable although I suppose if he was looking at ya from the front then the uge wart on the end of ya beak could have caught his eye. Anyways, good to see ya back and I\’ll try and remember to leave ya some Pimms later.Hugs Tootsie xx

  16. now then it\’s good to see youre up to all your usual antics lmao. I don\’t eat curry, horrible stuff it is lmao.(((BIG HUGS))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Poacher\’s coat my arse!!!! Trash reckons you\’ve BOOBS!! on ya back but personally I reckon you\’ve been down the local offy nickin bottles of Pimms…… time you might wanna consider taking a bag with ya……..must have been hellish trying to balance them on ya back all the way home. WAIT………NEWSFLASH JUST IN!!!>>>>>>>>>Reports are coming in that a local woman with a strange northern accent, that none of us southerners can understand, has been using her BOOBS!! for the storage of PIMMS (not unlike a camel uses it\’s humps). This has caused her BOOBS to migrate in opposite directions and end up on her back……..causing some confusion over whether or not she\’s been smuggling items out of the local Offy, using a coat purchased from the local Countrywide Farmers Store to disguise her huge disfigurement. Local residents have complained that where the woman used to make them all look at the wart that adorned her somewhat duckish beak, she was now forcing them to look closely at her BOOBS, whilst also subjecting them to her karaoke singing.Local medical services have been informed as to the woman\’s whereabouts and are rushing to the scene as this report goes to press.>>>>>>>>>>>>>WHO KNEW THAT DUCKS HAD BOOBS??? OR HUMPS????OR BOOBS AS HUMPS????? WTF!!!!Hugs T & T xx

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