Waiting for da man…

So theres a man coming to my house today to do some worky type stuff.  Im feeling a bit peevish,  cos after saying he couldnt possibly fit me in any later than Thursday lunchtime, hes not here. Ive pretty much had enough of men that come to do stuff this week.  Had one the other day to service my fire,  and not only was he the spitting image of Jeff Goldblum (unnerving in itsself cos I always think of him spitting acid on that fellas arm in the Fly and melting it) but he seemed to think I only deserved my fire servicing if I understood exactly how it worked and what he was doing. So Im desperately trying to look intelligent while hanging on to a struggling dog. The actual thought in my head was ‘if I let her go she will pee on his dustsheet’ so I learnt nothing.
I was just loading a song onto File Den and the advert on the page was two pictures. Fat lass and skinny lass.  ‘SHE DROPPED 5 LBS IN ONE WEEK’ There seems to be a spate of these all over the place.  Just how stupid do they think we are? The woman on picture one was so obviously not the woman on picture two.  Theres a reason they always cut their heads off on these pics,  but youd think theyd photo shop things like moles off.  Id be more inclined to believe it if they said ‘THIS WOMAN DROPPED 5LBS,  GREW TWO INCHES,  AND HAD SEVERAL MOLES REMOVED IN ONE WEEK.
Anyway Im just rambling cos Im bored.  So Im off, leaving you with my quote of the day from my son who has taken to calling me She Devil:
‘So huh…… She’s just like a crazy old lesbian?’


7 Responses to “Waiting for da man…”

  1. LOLWe had a gas servicer who used to do our properties – he was the same…. every property we covered – every appliance…. he went through everything step by step. Gritted teeth was the order.Crazy Old Lesbian ???Beats Big Gay Diva !LOLHave fun twiddling thumbsTCCx

  2. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAF! \’Ello!Why do you need to understand the inner workings of the fire? He sounds like he wanted an ego trip and make himself feel more intelligent than you, which is impossible of course! Sounds like a miserable with an inferiority complex! I aint seen Jeff B in any films recently, it maye have actually been him! Could\’ve fallen on hard times and has to make ehds meet by fixing fires and what not?I\’ve seen those pics you mentioned on Myspace! What a complete joke! The ones I saw though had heads, maybe the Muslim X-Factor Extremests chopped their heads off? It could be a plot to lure people to them to lose weight then be-head the infidels? These people will do anything to get the attention of Simon Cowel!And yes, you ARE a she devil, your son\’s a smart one for figuring that out! Talk soonski mateski, mucho loveski! xx

  3. so there i was fast a sleep dreamin\’ of sharin\’ a pipe wiv mr. nice , when i was woke up by three screaming women , shouting up at my bedroom window, as i tried to hear exactely what was being said eyes still firmly shut, i realised this was the sound of angry women , not sex starved beauty\’s LOL. then it dawned on me that some how our house had somehow upset the adjacent house at some point and this was revenge LOL… so HRH daf, thanks for poppin over but i had a crap day LOL but alot more interesting than yours as the day esculated into the police called out twice OMG, over threats to kill our house and all included … \’00\’ ! the crazy woman took a photo of me said she was gonna get her brother to do me over and i\’d be lucky if i could sh*t properly again, then she reckoned she was puttin\’ me on facebook , Gawd! friggin\’ loony toon! , which brings me to asking you "could you deal wiv her and her mates as they are doin\’ me head in LOL" and…as also you are probably a better match for a showdown with her than me [being a toon and a she devil an\’ awl] L8r\’s , sorry to blab on! delete this comment if ya like LOL, catch ya soon! hopefully!!!!

  4. Nah, leave the servicing to the professionals. Thats what they are paid for and it also mean an influx of good-looking blokies traipsing through your house ;-Plove n hugsFluffxxx

  5. We wont have any of those in a size 10 until the delivery comes in next Wednesday, but they are quite a generous cut – maybe you could try it in a size 8?Maybe I should stop hanging around shops??????Thanks for dropping by and in particular your comments on the other blog. It\’s something i don\’t give a lot of thought to because I just take things as they are but yes, my heart does get broken a lot but every little acheivement is a minor triumpg. last night she was lay in bed mimicking her 2 year cousins inability to say \’horrible\’ and \’ridiculous\’. It was really funny and it was nice to know she understood the humour of it.No, there is no trick – we can only do the best we can although i\’m not sure I am looking forward to the day she calls me a crazy old anything…..Take care and have a good weekendPete XWe have a bloke at work who specialises in meters – gas, electrical and to say he knows them is an understatement – problem is he does not seem to understand not everyone shares his passion for them.

  6. So did he turn up to service you in the end?? haha!yeah those before and after pictures make me laugh.. there was one the other week of that tarty girl from big brother, who reckoned she\’d lost 2 stone.. but the only difference in the second pic was that she was wearing more flattering clothes, different hair style and stilletos, which make you look a bit thinner anyway. duh! She still had an unfortunate face tho.Keep on being crazy, its what makes you you 😉 xxx

  7. hahahaha I just thought I\’d let lose and make up some funny, twisted news because normal news is too depressing! haha Tis nice to know someone has a twisted sense of humour too! haha. Then again, I come to expect that from tha Daf! I\’ll be doing some more of that type, but more in-line with a true story, you know… just satirilise it a little! :D.I am ok-ish at the moment 🙂 Hope you\’re okay too, besides my blog shocking you! hahaMucho loveski to Dafski! xx

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