Awww man.

Last night my fave pub closed its doors for the last time.  Spent 25 years rocking my socks off there on a Monday night,  met so many people made so many mates.  So I was thinking about this and even if I missed a couple of years worth of Monday nights it still means Ive got shit faced in there about 1200 times.  Actually thinking about it,  if my livers screwed that place has a lot to answer for with its cheap beer.
Anyway Ive been wracking my brains thinking of a song to blog  to mark the end of an era in my life.
This one reminds me of back to back air guitaring,  bad perms and generally messing about on the dance floor more than anything else I came up with…..

8 Responses to “Awww man.”

  1. ohhh what a tune lmao, yep take me back. I don\’t think there\’s any good pubs anymore these days and if it\’s up to mr brown nobody\’ll will be drinking soon, course they\’re trying to stop alcohol being advertised now, didn\’t stop the smokers but there\’s a lot of people will lose out and a lot more people we can\’t afford to keep will live longer and be a drain on resources pmsl. You\’d be thinking they\’d want us all to smoke and drink ourselves to death sooner rather than later wouldn\’t ya lol.The end of an era chick, are you opening Daffs bar at the weekend???(((HUGS))) xxx

  2. 2 Def Leppard tracks in 2 minutes ! (DB\’s)I know what you mean re closing down and mispent youths…. My old local where I started out (at a very tender age) has been closed for 6 months now. Sad affair but – It\’s happening everywhere, every week.And …..My liver is probably going the same way too !he heJust remind me who sang "Figaro" again … ?LOL

  3. Emma Louise Says:

    Still so gutted, lived (literally) and breathed that place for such a long time… 😦 xxx

  4. Fantastic song!! Our local was demolished last year and now has two \’apartment\’ blocks on it. I miss the old style pub with its jukebox, pool table and pinball machine. Can\’t stand these new ones with loud dance music and not enough seats, although the Wetherspoon sort leaves a lot to be desired too (it seems like they attract the great unwashed and drunken scrubbers lol)Heres to the old style Great British Pub!!

  5. Planet Nicola Says:

    Hi Daffy glad to see you back xxxSo sorry : (This is a topic close to my own heart – My local, which i\’ve been going to… wait for it…..32 years!! (seriously my folks took me in when i was a zygote!) hasn\’t closed, but may aswell have been Taken over by two f**in clowns… it\’s lost all its life. I don\’t go in anymore, but it will close soon.I find that bit of news really sad, an end of an era is it not? : (((***Pubs are really my life… and if I couldn\’t have a drink and a socialise (no, forget the socialising!)… I wouldn\’t want to be! Oh to be an animal! ***clink clink, raises a glass in memory to your little pub ** here\’s to all the good times that were; and to all the goodtimes that are yet to be — this liver has many many more parties and good times in it yet, baby…what say you?!xxx

  6. Planet Nicola Says:

    ooh, and ps….if i did ever make millions (lol!) i know what i\’d be buying!we maketh the pub – the pub doesn\’t maketh us (looking on the bright side of things : )

  7. Ah Daf, the end of an era. Humanity has enjoyed the benefits of the healing beaker since time Immemorial. Fortunately we have "New Labour" "In Partnership" with the "Health Police" Lucky us, saved in the nick from our own folly!!!! Pubs are "The Community" in a way that moronic, shitty social workers will never understand. I\’ve worked on pubs, lived in pubs, woken in the small hours on pub settles, played in the crib/ darts/quiz/skittles teams, had many publicans as friends and even more fellow imbibers. Liked the barmaid so much she still lives with me! The rot started with "Gastro Pubs" followed by a smoking ban and now that stink called the B.M.C. wants to stick it\’s filthy oar in and limit the "Working Classes" to one unit of alcohol per day. Universities churn out semi-literates with degrees in "Social Science", whatever that is; " Media Studies" [the art of propaganda] and sociology the art of…….well, it\’s actually meaningless because it\’s based on statistics and so subjective that it could easily be described as the study of fiction. The nobility have been eradicated and we are left with committee of feral peasantry to determine our social mores. These creatures are mistaken in believing that they can make life better by removing all forms of relaxation and after all\’s said and done what\’s saved on the N.H.S. will eventually be spent on pensions until they raise the qualifying age to 123. More work for "Psychologists" and "Councillors" I suppose. BRING BACK THE PUB! What\’s easily forgotten is that the puritans got their comeuppance, the Yankees rescinded prohibition when they met a crime wave and we can always take comfort in the peasants revolt of 1381. Must say I\’m a Jimi Hendrix mutt but hey ho, when I set up my still and open my house. you\’ll have the first invite! I promise that people with a social concience will be barred and there won\’t be a limit on "units" whatever they are? The shit who thought up that one should be flayed alive. Enough of this! all the best T

  8. OK Smartarse….. But technically a black eyed pea is a BeanLOLHave a nice dayCx

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