Sorry I cant get to the phone right now Im trying a wig on.

 So yeah yesterday morning my mam tried to give me a ring and I didnt make it on time cos I was trying a wig on.  Which has to be one of the most random and best reasons Ive ever given for not picking up. Reason being it arrived in the post  and I was dying to see if it created the effect I wanted.  Yeah I know… I get bizarrely excited about dressing up for Halloween, but to be fair the party Im goin to is on the 16th of October which is really early and…. Im just making excuses cos  I really love getting dressed up and my wigs miiiiiiint!
Anyway I have myself under control again so I shall continue.  I feel its time for a proper catch up since I been AWOL for ages really.
The girlchild,  who has been homeless for the last couple of weeks (which actually means moved back in with me filling my house with boxes) finally found a flat so HUZZAH for her and her boyfriend.  The flat she was supposed to be moving into fell through a couple of days before the supposed move which was very stressful for all involved.  Massive relief about that cos she gets the keys about three days before uni starts again and we were starting to run out of time.
In other news she also got engaged on her birthday. I dont think Ive ever seen anyone look so stunned. In the end her romantic reply was ‘Eeer alright’
Boychild did exceedingly well (like a Mr Kiplings cake) in his GCSEs and has now settled back into sixth form, studying Biology, Psychology, Physics and IT,  which all gives me a bit of a headache just thinking about it.
Oh I also got a camera to replace the new one I got at christmas which was crap,  and replaced the one that died at Emmas wedding.  Follow that? Anyway  Im a happy bunny cos I love to take pics of my comings and goings and Ive got pretty much no record of this year (cos God knows my drunken memory needs all the help it can get)  up til now which is paaaants! So Im gonna be snapping away like Nigel PPPPPPPP (which stands for pervert) Barker on speed.
OOOOOOOOOOH I just had to stop typing this cos an enormous red admiral just flew into my living room and needed rescueing.  Never ever had a butterfly come in the house before.  That’s made my day cos it was so gorgeous.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and currently loving this…

2 Responses to “Sorry I cant get to the phone right now Im trying a wig on.”

  1. Hiya Daffeeeeeeerssssss! :DYou have been a busy bunny with the kids, and no pub to hit to escape from it all! Damn, what a shame! haha Don\’t think I\’be dressed up for Halloween since I was 12, I hate it now! What\’s the Haloween word for Humbug? You wear wigs? I never went that far, had a black bag, mask and a devil fork. Never got as much as we did when we Guyed, there\’s more money in that anyway. Boy child seems to be kicking arse! Well done him and well done you for spawning him! Makes me wonder what I would\’ve studied if I\’d been in school. Congrats to the girlchild too, engaged AND going to Uni? WTF! Let me guess… Mamchild is paying for all this?I have 4 butterfly bushes in my garden and I rarely see them here these days! A did a few years ago, but in the last three year don\’t see any, no bees either much! Must be the weather, land clearance or the use of chemicales around Salford. Another reason to hate living here!I believe it was Karl Marx that said religion was the opiate of the masses. He was right, now pop culture is replacing it making everything hollow and meaningless, which makes strong religions like Islam all the more appealing because they have strong cultureal, religious and moral values. You see what I\’m saying? Though Christianity has losened its grip in the last 80 years doesn\’t mean Islam will not tighten it\’s grip! Muslims are getting increasing more conservative and if the present immigration from Muslim countries keeps up, and increase in the muslim population in the UK istelf, we\’ll have 4 to 5 million by 2020. Then all you need is close communites and a few Muslim Sports or TV stars and people start to convert. Sounds stupid but it\’s what happens when a culture is hollow and someone else offers salvation, morals and a strong culture. Bit like what happend to Rome with the Visigoths!Oh, they\’re gonna fire that LHC again in November, you heard of Stranglets? Look them up, just as bad as a black hole! ugh!Talk soon matey and enjoy the weekend. :)- Phil

  2. Hi Daf, nice to hear that everything\’s going just perfick for ya. It\’s about time, innit? I don\’t get on here as much as I used to, so I tend to lose track of who\’s doing what where whom and why…. and who\’s not. Good to see you back. Looking forward to seeing more of ya.Love you,Stevex

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