This goes up to eleven.

Last night went to see a bunch of aging rockers in a glam rock band called something along the lines of Glam or Glams or something…. Shows how good they were if I cant even remember the name.  They were pretty damn awful and at one point told the people at the back (that would have been us) to stop talking. LMAO. Was a really canny night (apart from the odd annoyance) but God, dont pubs smell horrible?

One Response to “This goes up to eleven.”

  1. But it was nice to come back and seen you had been to visitSad when your local closes it doors. Mine closed last year, I served my \’apprenticeship\’ there amongst other things and it was sad to see it close down. BUt I suppose it is a sign of the times.Interesting you mention the smell of pubs. Someone else mentioned that to it recently and I said when you could smoke in pubs, no one noticed that stale beer smeel all pubs have – but you do now.Hope all is well in Daffy worldPete

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