The dog ate my homework.

So for those of you who dont know,  my husband is a driving instructor.  We currently have a pupil who hasnt actually had a lesson since May.  Now instead of just cancelling til further notice,  she is ever hopeful that she will find the time/money to fit in a lesson next week.  So every week she books a lesson and every week she cancels it.  The reason I mention this is we keep a record of why people cancel lessons and her texts have gotten more inventive as the weeks have gone on ….
Something came up
Got to go to my dads tonight
Ive been told I have to stop at my dads house today
Got to stay late at college
I need to stay late
Have to drop something off at college and my photography teacher needs me to stay
(this one particularly amused me)
My ICT teacher is a fag. Can I have a lesson next week?
My grandad has deciced to take me out today without telling me before hand
I have to go to the dentist then go trailing up the street looking for a job.
Im sorry but Im ill.  I sat down at 10 oclock and has only just woken up .  Ive got a nasty cough.
Ive been roped into helping setup a party for one of my cousins.
My best mates just been dumped so I need to go round with some chocolate.
Ive just getten up and am bad with the drink.
Having trouble with a job application.
Ive got to enrol in college today.  See you next week? (unlikely but do continue…)
Ive been asked to baby sit next doors kid for the day while they take the dog to the vet.
One of my mates has asked me to go with her to get her lip pierced to hold her hand.
My mam has told me that I have to go to Newcastle to buy supplies for college (notebooks and that ) I dont know how long Ill be so can I text you later in the week when I have my time table to arrange a new day.
Something else that amused me today,  Girlchild and I were talking about the legend of the ghost in the little castle down the road from me.  Now I dont believe in ghosts,  but Im sure something quite horrid did happen to an unfortunate woman way back when.  We both agree that the beginning of the story is that the Lord of the castle caught her carrying on with one of the blokes from the local town.  At this point I heard he chucked her over the battlements,  where as girl child heard she was chucked down a well.  The best we could come up with was that he chucked her over the battlement into the well.  Must have been a hell of a shot and the mental image nearly made me spit my tea out ( I am a sick puppy).
Anyway Im about to have a jellybean sugar rush so I should probably go…. Have a great Monday folks!

6 Responses to “The dog ate my homework.”

  1. LOLMmmm Jelly BeansGood shot !

  2. Hiya Dafferssssssssssssssssssss!Hahahaha Sound slike my sister trying to get out of Karate. She wanted to go but she always gets tired towards the evening (when it starts) and says "Can\’t be arsed walking!" LOL! So she stopped making excuses. But that girl and those excuses are just daft, why doesn\’t she just stop? Or maybe she\’s getting money for lessons and saying she\’s going? I don\’t know.About the LHC, I don\’t care if the possibility is very, very tiny, I still don\’t think we should be taking these steps on Earth if complete destruction of the Earth is the worse possible outcome. In the past scientists were wrong on paper or something they theorized in real life wasn\’t that badly effected, this time if they\’re wrong we could be heading for unknown ground that could destroy the planet. I don\’t think it\’s worth it just to find out about the Boson (Dark Matter)?Talkie soonski mateski!Hugs xx

  3. Hiya Daf…….. she was dumped in the well, by priests, no less. Seems you can\’t trust anyone, don\’t it?Hope you\’re well babe (no pun intended) Hope you managed to fill your Monday evening with something worthwhile.Miss you,Stevexx

  4. Bonjella Daffo… what a fascinating story. I could have done with someone like him when I was a youngster and went to the local carnival. They had this game where there was loads of jam jars on a table and you had to thrown a ping pong ball in one to win a goldfish. Needless to say that my hand eye co-ordination was not too good in those days (still being only 42 and a bit of a late developer) and my pinging pong ball would always bounce of the edge of the jam jar and all the fish in their little bags would point and laugh and give me the international hand signal for a person that fiddles with themselves before going back to being lightly poached in their boil in the bagness… Aaaaaaaaaaahh what summers we use to have then… you could fry an egg on the pavement and a live fish in a polythene bag with a little water in. Happy Days.Anyway, with Lord Ladyhurler on my side I\’m sure I could have opened my own aquarium by the end of the afternoon. Would have been an aquarium with not a lot of variety but we all have our dreams and have to start somewhere. That could have been the beginning of big things… I could have had sharks and cuttlefish and sprats… but no starfish cos they\’re just exhibitionists. Do you think starfish go dogging?… Apologies… My mind wandered…Maybe he could have started his own pub darts team, appeared on Bullseye and actually won the speedboat/caravan. Would have put Jim out of work… Keep him in the past I say… Let bygones be bygones… Consign him to the history recycling bin and then restore him cos you\’ve had second thoughts and then accidentally SHIFT+DEL him and scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when you realise CTRL+Z doesn\’t undo it…Right… I\’m out of here. I\’ll leave you a comment tomorrow as well… no excuses (but don\’t hold your breathe as I may be inexplicably mauled by a leopard).***saddle lite toe luuuuuuuuuv tuesday hugs***DB xxx

  5. Ohhhh ain\’t excuses fab lmao, generally mind it\’s the male of the species that has the best ones pmsl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Oooooh, you do so like to nitpick… ;-)I believe I\’ve mis-spelled that word before, and I probably will again. I don\’t have too many of them, so it\’s not a word I have much use for.And yeah, it\’s beginning to get a little chillier these days, so I won\’t be doing so many long waits at the doors, but I have little else to do these days, so it passes the time.Speak soon babe,Love & Lily to you,Stevexx

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