Memory lane.

Yesterday we pur chased a new printer for the boychild to print out his homework on,  as Vista in it’s infinite window decided it really didnt like the one we had, and the school in its infinite wisdom has decided last year they spent far too much on printing so theyre never doing it again no not ever. I do wonder what the money in that school goes on. Im thinking scratch cards.  But anyway,  technology being what it is, its not just a printer it also scans and copies and all that gubbins, and I suspect if I could only find the right bit in the instructions it would make me a cuppa tea.
So this afternoon Ive been playing nice scanning some old photos (taken with real film many moons ago) onto my puter, and doing a minimal amount of cropping and tidying. Thought Id blog a few of my faves.
This first one is pretty much my fave pic I ever took of Taryn,  cos although shes usually cheesy grin girl, I love the slightly serious look on her face and the way the sun catches her.

A very young Daniel being a cowboy although I reckon he looks more like a Maverick type card player.

Tat with Dan when he was only a week or so old

This next one we got taken professionally for the grandfolks

And last but not least,  in the olden days when my kids were really little,  you couldnt get all these ready made birthday cakes you can now. Ive hunted about for a picture of a particularly pissed off looking Thomas the Tank engine cake I made once but can I hell find it,  so youll have to settle for this one of my pirate cake.  I have to say I was rather pleased with the result,  although the actual cake in the middle was the shape of a bowling bowl and of about the same consistancy.



5 Responses to “Memory lane.”

  1. Emma Louise Says:

    I love these photos hun xxx

  2. Bonjella young Daffster… Please don\’t criticize the cake… Cake is cake… cake is good… Therefore… Ergo… CAAAAAAAAAKKEE!!!!!I\’d like to give you a selection of conversations I\’ve had recently which backs up my point:Friend 1: Did you see that cake on X Factor last night… It was rubbish.Me: Do you mean the cake that was a cake?Friend: Yeah that\’s the oneMe: But it was a cakeFriend: Oh yeah… And cake\’s good isn\’t it?Me: Uh huh… C\’mon, let\’s eat some cake…Friend: Hooray for cake!!!!Another Friend: Did you read that story in the papers about that cake who poked pigeons with a lemon? What a horrible cake…Me: You mean that cake that was a cake?Another Friend: That\’s the one… although it was a cake so I suppose it can\’t have been that horribleMe: I know… It was a cake and cakes are good… C\’mon, let\’s eat some cakeAnother Friend: Hooray for cake!!!!Me: Y\’know what? I\’m fed up of all these gangster rapper cakes that glorify guns and treat women like sex objectsYet Another Friend: You\’ve forgotten that they\’re cakes haven\’t you?Me: I DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID… Thanks for reminding me. HOORAY for gangster rapper cakes… They\’re good… Let\’s go eat cake and pimp our bi-atchesI think with that sample of conversations I have provided a concise but water-tight argument that cake is good… All cake is good cos it\’s cake… CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!**Madeira Cake Monday Hugs**DB xxx

  3. I see DB\’s lost the plot again.HmmmLOLMy Aunt used to make all our cakes – usually out of jam rolls and usually being trains of some sort.Don\’t forget THE QUIZ !he heCx

  4. Awwwwww…… what lovely fohties. I particularly like the first one. It\’s perfect.Although I am a tad concerned about the size of that duck… and indeed, it\’s shape…. and extra-indeed, if it\’s even a bloody duck.I\’ll try not to let it worry me too much.Love & Lichfield to you,Stevexxx

  5. It\’s because of those pesky easy to use scanners that i keep finding pictures of me in my school day teens on friends reunited and on facebook. Actually I shouldn\’t complain, I was a lot thinner although the hair wasn\’t great.Hope your well and enjoying playing with your new toy. A lot of schools seem to be stopping providing simple services like priting which I suppose i can understand in the current climate but surely a £5 donation from all families would have been more practical than having to get everyone to by their own printers.I trust it was an epsom one – their cheap compatibles are far better than of other makes!!Take care and happy scanningPete

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