managed to watch this without blubbing.  And seeing as how I love it so much thought Id have another wack at putting it to music cos I didnt really like the first vid I made for it. Cant understand why it took me so long to work out Mercutio is gay though! ;O)

4 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Who ?What ?How ????

  2. hi Daffy how you been hun? been awhile since i got here……………… been busy…………………not been on my own blog much either.

  3. I really must start doing my \’sp[acing\’ at home, I can\’t view videos at work…d\’oh!You see, that\’s why I like reading your comments…you have several uses for supermarket bags and therefore recycling them, you stand as a beacon in our society and i applaud your efforts to get the most out of them.Just out of curiosity, are the hemp ones any good to smoke?Take carePete

  4. Hiya Daf, well of course Mercutio was a poof. He\’s called Mercutio for a start. What more clues do you need?Nice video, dear. I\’ll just watch it again.Star-crossed Love & Laughter to you,Steveoxx

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