Proverbial rubbish

My mother has a saying for every occassion,  in fact so many Im sure she’s made half of em up.  I was just thinking about sayings and what they really mean.
For example:
Too many cooks spoil the broth – get the hell out of my kitchen,  youre in the way
Let sleeping dogs lie – Im sleeping off a hang over,  wake me and I may bite you
A stitch in time saves nine – Im smug that you didnt see that coming 
Many hands make light work – If we do this together it’ll take just as long but there’s gonna be wine so we wont care
A fool and his money are soon parted – You fell for what??
A house divided against itsself cannot stand – You really should have checked that wasnt a supporting wall before you decided your house should be open plan
A little of what you fancy does you good – Go on eat the cake, youre fat already
A person is known by the company he keeps – Your friends are eejits ergo….
Charity begins at home – Im tight and Im keeping all my shit for myself
Blood is thicker than water – Im a serial killer and I can prove that
Empty vessels make the most noise – I see Daf posted another blog….

2 Responses to “Proverbial rubbish”

  1. ha ha ha !!

  2. And my personal favourite ….. a rolling moss is worth two in the hand, which means you are completely pissed.I found your comments about my views on smoking in cars with children as passengers interesting, fortunately for you – I don\’t work for social services…..actually they made me chuckle as I am a deeply disturbed individual too.Looking forward to some hemp, I believe they make clothes out of it too……interesting.Take carePete

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