School Daze

Tonight Im going to a school reunion,  Im expecting to recognize pretty much noone, cos I never do.  Its really quite embarrassing.  People will introduce me to someone and go ‘you remember such and such’ and I think ‘no’ but then make vague ‘possibly’ noises. It doesnt really matter cos theres a few of us going that I definitely will recognize,  and we’re sneaking our mate in cos were fairly sure everyone else will be pretending to remember who people are too. 
Im expecting alot of this (which actually did make me laugh quite alot cos Id forgotten half of the songs and the fashion was a tad out there)….

2 Responses to “School Daze”

  1. Hiya Dafferssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (^^)I\’ll never be going to a school reunion, I was never in high school so I only know 5 members of my 7-C class! I aint that interested in knowing them anyway, boring lot of planks in my opinion, well, the ones I knew were. Primamry schoolw as a bit different, but don;t really wanna see any of them either. I see them in the street some times and they look at me funny, LOL! I aint arsed really, I don\’t like talking to them anyway, bunch of tossers.I bet you had a hair cut like that in \’80s eh? lol! Daffers with a mushroom bob! lol! Swing out siter is the band? I remember the song and the video! Even though I was only a young one at the time.I think the bystander effect is no excuse, there was a human down there dieing, of course they could\’ve been arguing and fighting over anything and both of them could not be worth saving as people at all, but I\’d rather not take that chance. They could\’ve at least called the Police or an Ambulance, or gone down their theirself and pull her to safety.As for my blog, if it aint my fight, then who\’s is it? It\’s obvious not alot of people want to pick up the batton and fight back against the powers that be, and against the human scum and filth in our streets. It aint just my fight but everyone\’s, but they\’re too busy logicaly justifying their non-partisipation. Instead they choose to watch X-factor and lose themselves in their triviality.I don;t think small changes are good enough, yes they are ok but we need change now, not in a few years time or decades from now. It\’s the biggest mistake people make when talking about change, they forget and discount the present because it seems such a huge job. When all they need to do is be AWARE of the world around them and bollock the bastards in the world who make it a bad place.Hope you\’re having a good weekend and enjoy ya reunion. Mucho love! xxxx

  2. this is awesome!!!!I have 99 red balloons ya know sitting right here to let go at any second !!! Heart your sexy self darling poo!!!xo

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