Its good to talk….


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  1. Howdy diddly doody indeed;-))This HR vid was on Ch4 a while ago – I wasn\’t particularly watching it, but I recognised him when I saw it here.Anyhoo – Gotta dash…. I\’ll pop back in a bit to listen again – properlyTCCx

  2. Emma Louise Says:

    Love this just your videoblog lol!!!!!!! xxxx

  3. Daffy I Love this video tiz great! :DYou come across much different to how I Imagined you, though I still did imagine you being just as great :)Henry.. Im trying to remember off the top of my head.. I think something happened to a very close friend he had, he died, but i cant remember how, I think he was shot, but i do remember henry said in an interview that he kept his friends head in a box on top of his not joking.Pretty traumatised you could say.Im trying to remember but it was a long time ago. I do have one of his angry albums on vinal somewhere, collectors adition. I shall try and find it and see whether i read it in there. could have NME i read it in, but it was definately wrote by him.I think youre right, I think videos are easier than writing, that way u can concentrate on, or rather, just simply be yourself, whereas when im writing i have to think about the way its gonna be read, rarely am I understood with the written word. Im really quite saine :)mazi x

  4. I rememberd eventually… Very much enjoyed ya video blog chuck!!!!!! I gotta to say I was touched by what he was saying. Granted I can sometimes get a little narky about stuff but I don\’t think I have his discipline to focus myself that much. Very admirable!!! I almost balled my eyes out when he was talking about his friend. It\’s kinda shattered my perspective on my own petty problems. Kudos on this one!!!!!!LUV n HUGS!!!BBFNHB!!!(^_^)xxxxxxxx……….

  5. ah, ive only just watched the videos of him, i guess thats the story then?I dont get why people were laughing, but i think he was consciously not noticing.Did I say I had an album?? errrrr I think i gave it away, lmaoWell I\’d sure Love a chat/debate with him. I feel like that right nowPretty much disagreed with ALL of his philosophy.He\’s a very sad case, obviously life only revolves around him.because he\’s missing the WHOLE picture, and he\’s learnt nothing.The truth isnt in the physical world, I wonder what negative entity he let kill his spirit. Bad experiences are there to gain knowledge and strength from. Thats what I believe anyway,.. whatever you truely believe at the end, (not fool yourself of) but truely believe, your instintive belief. whether its spirit or science, that belief makes the most sense to me. Thats why Ive always said guilt,fear, and anger are the worst emotions someone could have. but theyre something to grow from.I guess he didnt grow.Great videos xx catch u later 🙂

  6. Daffersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (^^).I don\’t believe it, you beat me to it! (>_<)! You video blogged! I\’m still a little shy about doing mine in front of the camera, I feel so awkward and odd when I try. Doesn\’t help that I stammer and can\’t speak to the camera and and read my written blog at the same time. My borrowed camera\’s also craptastic, you\’ve seen the garden vids, so you already know that. But I must start vlogging soon, but I got a feeling I\’d cause a load of shit. Youtube is different from blogging, the lazy people don\’t have to read, just watch and listen, and I can see constant battles in my comment box and numerous video replies that I just can\’t be arsed with. And hey, you\’re pretty much how I expected! HAHA, Just your accent isn\’t as strong as I thought it would be! If you done one, I\’ll have to do one now, even if it\’s just an introduction.I like Henry\’s early days with Black Flag, but I\’m a little wary of his politics, he doesn\’t say how left he is but I get the feeling he\’d support a few people I wouldn\’t. It aint just the left I don\’t trust, I don\’t trust any of the people in the political spectrum, they\’ve all got an agedna to push, I aint saying I haven\’t, but my aim is to make people think and fix the system first, then worry about what ideology would be best for us.His spoken word piece about his best friend being killed is interesting. When you die, you die, that could be it, so don\’t go around blowing pople away over trivial shit! Sadly those words will fall on deaf ears because most people are fucking idiots and I wouldn\’t trust them as far as I could throw them!His piece on the middle east was interesting, but peace wont happen there unless you level the place with the people in it. The region is far to fractured. You could take all the shit stiring arseholes out of the equasion but some more would come in and manipulate the people, and the people will follow becuase they\’re sheep and stupid. People need to distance themselves from all ideology and question everything and everyone about it. But it\’s more likely I\’ll get laid by Gail Kim than that happening! And Henry\’s right, people need to get angry about it, not just their own people or religious people being killed, but everyone that sufferes for nothing! But again that aint likely either.Badass with a keybord? LOL! I could be a right twat! But I choose not to be, that way people can discount you and what you say as \’angry young syndrome\’. That guy was an idiot, I did find his new space again last year, he is a typical red neck type! Not racist, as far as I know, but was everything else! I wont be stopping with my views yet, even though it seems hopeless I still do it, so I\’ll be around for a long time shouting at the world that wont listen like a crazy man shouts at a tree!Thanks for the link btw, I need to try it soon, not done it yet. Talk soon and big hugs for little Daffers! xx

  7. Planet Nicola Says:

    OH. MY. GOOD. GOD.! You are SO cool!! I\’m totally fucking gobsmacked!(whoops parden my french) Your far far cooler in vlog land than you are in spaces…and that\’s quite scary, cuz you\’re probably far cooler in real life! : DWOW WOW and tripple wowThis is the best thing I\’ve seen all week.IT\’s really good when I can put a voice to a person, but to see you in real life (well partially real) Is like soooo cool I can\’t think of any other word or way of putting it… it\’s awesome.And your voice?!! It\’s lovely, and you?! You should be in a comedy show, or maybe one of those really sensible science chatdebate things… I knew you were smart – but I can really appreciate you tonnes more now (and spookily I knew you were kind of like this only tho you\’ve only ever had a couple of photos… god, I could go on.. but I\’ll probably do your overly egostical brain in LOL : ))) hehehOh yeah, facebook… umm, yet another thing to swipe all our details off and use them for strange means!!I don\’t use it, and if anyone sees me on there as Nicola Smith then,, that\’s just a cover lolI so wanna do a vlogggggg….What do I do, how do I do one??? I want to do a vlog now so badly : (((****arghhhh. ANyway, I\’ve worn myself out : )Keep up with the vlogs> I get a shout out?? Can you mention me next time u do a vid?That would be so cool – i\’d die of shock and scream at the computer screen hahaum. Over and out Daffy,XXXXX i AM SO IMPRESSED ! x : o)

  8. It\’s so wonderful to hear you, that I actually listened.xx

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