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  1. Yep….Your speech got fasterLOL

  2. And ….. What the hell is that ???Bizarre !!!LOL

  3. Even more good stuff from our Daffers! You\’re just doing this to make me look daft aint cha? haha. I don\’t think I\’ve ever had a problem watching films with nudity and natural body functions with my parents. My Dad used to walk through Tesco and fart really loud and say "Pooh, was that you???!" LOL! Never had a problem watching naked people with my Mam or my Dad either. My sisters are a bit funny about it though, maybe it\’s a decade thing?I don\’t know much about fusion, I should really read up on it but I can\’t fully wrap my head around it! I really want to understand it but I can\’t hold on to the info I learn. It\’s something you\’d have to read every day and that\’d get on my nerves after a while, and once I\’m pissed off with it I\’ll stop taking in what little bit I managed to. I really do hope they get fusion going so we can pack in the Oil and not be bent over a barrel by the powers that be in the middle east and the west! I think if and when it does arive it\’ll put a few people outa business.The last video, urgh! The kid was an ugly little git, sounds mean, but damn he is! Looks like a shaved trained chimp! He\’s probably dead now, that vid looked like it was shit in the late \’70s or early \’80s.I read the comment of the person before me. Um, just seems typical of a "spirtual"/"new age" person. Everything happens for a reason and that.And yes, I will vlog soonski mateski! Untill then here\’s my Youtube page, add us on there, that\’s IF you want to be affilated with an infadel with a future in Fatwas. I may make a different account for my vlogging stuff, want to keep hobbies and opinions seperate, you know? Or is there any point? And yeh, I know there will be shit when I blog, but I don\’t wanna stop all comments or have to regulate what people say, it can be tiresome!Anyway, have a good weekend and nice onr for vlogging, you\’re a natural! All the best to little Daffers and family! Hugs xxxxxx

  4. hey you :)Well…the thing isI\’d prefer \’free\’ energy rather than \’cleaner\’ energy, its works in other countries.I\’m fed up with the \’big con\’ going on, and thats really how I feel it entirely.*I didnt think you looked nervous in your last video, were you nervous then?What I think is, it can be difficult to speak to something as though its a human, when it doesnt have that energy. Thats the case with me anyway, on the few occasions Ive made them, I always found it easier if someone else was on the video with me too.I\’ve found my Henry rollings album, its on clear vinyal, If u want it, I\’ll post it too you :)I think youre right though, I must have had something in common with it at the time, though I remember now my favourite song was \’disconnected\’ It had ..probably something in common with me at the time. I think I heard \’liar\’ on the john peel show, and was curious about the album. Albums were cheap at that time. but.. then again I was listening to hiphop such as \’public enemy\’ and all that anti-government stuff , thats really where i was at as a teenager. Then I grew to understand the bigger meaning of it.I\’m loving these video blogs :Dwhats next?oh I just also wanted to suggest, by my theory I believe Henry rollings is right. I have no doubt that will be the truth by his own strong intent. He certainly believes what he believes. -and I think thats all its all about. what do you believe?hugs Mazi x

  5. The equation is 2H1 + 3H1 —> 4He2 + 1n0. Helium-5 is unstable — there is a neutron given off following the fusion reaction:Using deuterium-tritium fuel, the resulting energy barrier is about 0.01 MeV. In comparison, the energy needed to remove an electron from hydrogen is 13.6 eV, about 750 times less energy. The (intermediate) result of the fusion is an unstable 5He nucleus, ***which immediately ejects a neutron with 14.1 MeV.*** The recoil energy of the remaining 4He nucleus is 3.5 MeV, so the total energy liberated is 17.6 MeV. This is many times more than what was needed to overcome the energy barrier.I was boredLOLHave a lovely weekend Y\’allx

  6. Yeah, I love the bird at the top, but the other stuff just baffles me. I suppose I COULD watch it, but I\’m having too much fun not doing.xxxxx

  7. Punzy darling! Heart you so- Little Miss is doing well- we go back in 6 months for her next check up- as always-LOVE yer purple locks!

  8. You\’d think that was a small child dancing until he puffed a fag at the end of the clip!!! I giggled and stared in dumbfounded awe. I tried to watch the one about nuclear fusion but couldnt finish it… Seriously… they all looked very gay and the voice overs sounded like it was their first acting job. I agree with you about the woman\’s voice over – I think it\’s definitely some woman who quit her job on the porn channel to try a serious acting job, but I suspect that job didn\’t pay as much HEHE….. aw man, they should let ya put smileys in here! ANYWAY, I intend to…. do something. I have a cold so I\’m confoozed but don\’t worry, doctor dooloads has promised me the elixir of everlasting life and youth – and all he needed was my credit card number and address!!! cool eh? :oDANYWAY, I must be brief coz there are bailifs at my door demanding ridiculous amounts of money for some reason. OOOOOH before I do go I simply must tell you about the fantastic halloween decorations i\’ve seen in asda – for I went there on friday morning for to shop for things and stuff, and they had this really cool life sized butler – ya know those creepy kinds that sort of look like zombies. they were funny! AAAAND there was this cute like skeleton couple in wedding outfits and when ya pressed the button they sang sony and cher\’s popular Ive Got You Babe – was a giggle and a half!!!ANYWAY, i\’m gonna shush coz my fingers are rambling and and my tummy\’s rumbling. I think i\’m gonna have a small portion of scrambee egg and some toast coz it\’s light, easy to eat and I have a cold.. dunno if I mentioned that…. (cough cough) :o(catch ya later peas n tater!!!LUV n HUGS!!!(^_^)xxxxxxxxxxx………..

  9. eeee errrrrrr nudge nudge wink wink !! nudge nudge wink wink !! heh hehyes orrr maybe a \’secret society\’ aye? ;)well, what you wrote, i would have totally defended myself by saying the same thing if you had disagreed about it. but. and a big but. I read something very relevant to me yesterday.and now my faith is shaken. It seems nature was not appreciated. In fact on the contrary. on the con-tree.oh god…. (if there is one that is).I need to hibenate for a bit and come to terms with this.I might pop over to venus for a bitI\’ll send u a postcard. :Dhugs Mazi. x

  10. Hello,Your sums were right and yes, new job started and yes, acheiving what I set out to achieve….a bit of happyness.Must ask, is that you talking? Sorry if you did actually write somewhere that it is you but just flying round tonight and catching up, will have some more quality time in the next few days….If is is your goodself, I will take the time to listen to what you are saying – if I can hear you over the background music!!Pete

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