Bits n Bobs



2 Responses to “Bits n Bobs”

  1. Weddings eh ???LOLI haven\’t been to a single one in the past 20 years that didn\’t involve some sort of aggro…. Apart from my own. But then again, the aggro came afterwardshe heHorses ?HmmmmBig Dogs.I went a few times when I was a kid and fell off when one of them started to trot…. Pathetic eh ?22 years later I was building some stables at a friend\’s new livery and was asked if I\’d like to ride one of the horses there. Hmmm…. My colleague laughed at the idea so I thought I\’d prove him wrong and got on this horse, Pete. (daft name for a horse I know but there ya go). Off we went… into a trot… all ok….a canter…. no problem. And then he reared up, chucked me off and procedded to walk off to a corner and have a dump.Nice.LOLGood to see Hugh is making a good go of things – well done him !!!Right – off to plan tea.Don\’t forget the quizhe heTC SausCx

  2. Further to my other comment – I slowed down a little and listened – ah, tis you after all..good idea this video blogging, thought about it myself once and probably will do one day but for now I\’ll stick with the written word, never was the most confident and always felt my face was best suited to radio!!Anyhoo, where\’s this hotel….sounds like fun!Pete X

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