A big man rob dogged our glo sticks….


7 Responses to “A big man rob dogged our glo sticks….”

  1. Mr Deadmouse ?I thought it was Jive Bunny ???he he

  2. Oh I do like my Deadmau5. Not much to look at is he?I do hope you didn\’t regret your Alan Bennett choice. He\’s a very clever man, but youtube isn\’t overflowing with his best stuff. It was the Derek Griffiths clip that was probably more controversial. Particularly the shop sign for Lee Ho Fook, and the slit-eyes gesture from Mr G, accompanying the line about Chinese folk. It makes you wonder.As always, it\’s great to see you babe. Love ya.xxx

  3. Hiya Daffers! :DI have no idea who that band was. Mr. Dead Mouse? Is that what you said? Never heard of him. When the mouse came on I thought it was Grove Armarda. So you had a good time jumping round getting covered in beer and being aproached by someone who thought you were a prostitute? Good to know you\’ve always got options, eh? hahahaI tried filming myself last night on the cam I have, it aint any good for video in doors. I will make a audio clip and put some pictures to it. Um, I was thinking of showing my face when I do eventually get a good camera. You think it\’s a good idea? My Mam aint happy about it, she doesn\’t even like me blogging! She worries alot too! haha. I did make a new site anyway as you suggested. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/DeadAnarchistPhil I made it now so I will have to use it! But I still worry about people finding me and causing shit.Talk soon Daffers and huggies (not the nappy type). xx

  4. Hello :)I can\’t view the video as at work.I hope all is well and good in your world? I don\’t get round here hardly ever any more! And I am sorry for that, but it doesn\’t mean I have forgotten you! Have a good weekend.. do you still drink gin??? xxx

  5. Hey you…. where is the bigger cat? :Phickory dickory dock!I Am back from venus, I went to refresh myself of the \’sum of ALL possiblities\’……..I can write only this.Thats a tricky one, as \’the faith\’ is in \’myself\’.-only-(Not to be confused with ego) so unfortunately it can not be explained.but it was not so much what I read, It was more what I remembered. I went for another LOOOOONG swim *there was just something which I was wondering.I dont need to wonder about it now :)I came to the one point where \’facts are irellevant anyway -Its difficult to exsssssplain :)One reason being, because I cant spell.another reason being… only a very few people, are going to truely recognise what I mean.The majority would recognise it as being a strange perception more than anything.caaaaaaatchoooo lata !!Mzi nu heh heh x

  6. One of the other problems with v-logs – apart from my painful shyness – is when my computer is having one of it\’s go slo days and not behaving itself, like today.I am tempted though but its something I want to do when i am on my own but I don\’t get much \’me\’ time, I might have a couple of dry runs though, see what it looks like.Now look at what you started……..Hope all is wellPete X

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