Mosh Pit Anyone?


One Response to “Mosh Pit Anyone?”

  1. Does your life ever have a dull moment or am I in a bubble of acute boredom?Your little vid-blogs are becoming compulsive viewing…..Hope all is well – it certainly sounds and looks like it – I have been so busy at work recently and by the time I come home, I am just too knackered. I have also been out of commission for a day or so because I decided to \’defrag\’ my hard drive and it took so long, I was beginning to worry I had pressed the wrong button and instructed my computer to do something innappropriate. The end result was worth it though, super speedy computer.I have been charging up my video camera and have a plan to do a couple of dry runs over the coming ekend and see if I can actually talk to the flashing green light and be remotely entertaining, I will have to figure out how to get them on my space which combined with me getting access to mine – and your – space via my mobile today, I will become a super geek surely?Take care and have a pleasant eveningPete X

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