Enter Shikari, Exit Sobriety….


4 Responses to “Enter Shikari, Exit Sobriety….”

  1. I couldn\’t view the vid but could leave a comment via my mobile….super geek!! As you have probably guessed, this has impressed me a lot……men and their toys eh?take carepete x

  2. Uh.. why did yo edit it? I wanted to know who was at the door!who was at your door? :DI like the coffee cup, it adds to the hung-over effect.Is that really how you look after a night on the town?Or had you been up for a few hours, preparing it? ;)I think I better get myself a smaller mirror. eh-heh.Well, you might not have that sections in Tescos, it might just be because here we have endless nationalities.I think most of the section is Polish. Im not to hot on \’language\’ lmao, but does polish look a bit rushen? have I spelt that right? Can I even spelt it in English? No I havent spelt it right but Sod it. what does it matter.Some people I know complain about \’some\’ of the nationalities here, but they forget that we f*ked up their countries.Having said that, I have noticed on my \’tescos\’ reciepts, I\’ve often bought nothing with ive actually bought if you know what I mean.Its funny how you need such a long CV for the most basic of jobs, yet clearly no knowledge of which vegitables are called which.?Im often missing this kind of music, I dont really have much of this type anymore. It makes a nice change.Have you ever thought about going psychedelickssss ? just for a bit :pheh hehx

  3. …you probably dont know what i mean because I meant to say..I\’ve often bought nothing wHICH ive actually bought if you know what I mean. lol

  4. Dafferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss \’ELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DYou was drunkski mateski! Ya supposed to be a good role-model for young \’ens like me! Tut Tut Daffers! haha. I just don\’t like Enter Shakiri, they just smack of middle class teenage bullshit and dress like emus! They even sound like emus! Urgh! Puts me off big time. What\’s with their Haircuts anyway, Emo\’s that is, why have such a big fringe comb-over?? They just look like attention seekin gits to me.I\’ve had music on my WLS for a while. Thing is that Project Playlist was sued or stopped from playing music in the UK, so my space went quiet for a while. But I found a new site and put some more tunes on there! They\’re all at the bottom of my space in the html box. I\’ll get ya the name of the site if you interested?Btw, did you hear what the LHD was said to be doing? It\’s coming back in time and stopping itself from being switched on? LOL!!!!!!Mucho love and talk soon! xx

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