Controversy and Monkeys


7 Responses to “Controversy and Monkeys”

  1. Aye up Saus…I\’ll not go into the BNP either – apart from, if you ever need a hole digging – Ring Mr Griffin.Not sure about tiny monkeys – a bit like the evil one that lives in Chris\’ closet in Family Guyhe heAnyhoo – Have a lovely weekend – Brother\’s wedding tomorrow…. They\’ve been together 20+ years with 3 kids but, well…. I think it\’s a tax dodgeLOLTCCx

  2. Dafferssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss HIYA ya drunken monkey you! :DI think the BNP have won a few votes too. But Griffin is a dangerous man because he tells half truths then puts a BNP twist on the end. In fact, the childish showing of the other panelests yesterday just gave his argument that he\’s painted all wrong more weight because they were shouting him down and talking over him. Jack Straw was unable to be honest on the immigration debate, regardless of being asked the same question over and over again. Griffin just said what we all think, which is DANGEROUS! These Politicians are giving credence to what the man says, which is very fucking bad! When the only Party willing to be honest on the main subjects is a far-right Nazi party in sheeps clothing it means we\’re fucked!I know it sounds bad but 90% of the world\’s population is dumb as shit when it comes to being political minded. Those extra 3 and half to 4 million that tuned in to Question Time wern\’t politicially minded people that are even half used to the crap the Politicians say. They were disafected floating voters not used to the half truths the BNP spin let alone real truth! They\’ll be hooked!I hope they fade away as so many people have suggested, but they wont as long as the Politicians carry on like Jack Straw did last night. And I agree, the BNP should be deabted more often, to expose them as the Nazis they are, but that wont fully happen when the Parties keep giving them ammo by not being honest.Monkey in a hat? That\’s a great idea! 😀 You\’re mate\’s the weird one! She should be forced on a reeducation course to join the rest of us in mental unhingedness! hahaHave a good weekend, Daffers! Hugs x

  3. The only thing I will say about Nick Griffin isHe didnt seem to be very educated about his beliefs. Nor in the way he presents them.Ive just come from twitter actually 🙂 was reading a little about what people think.I got a bit bored watching the programme .I got a bit bored of the rascism focus. I didnt find it a useful nor itelligable debate.I read plenty about how people (believe) we won the war, none of which I agree with.besides the point (the war never ended) I mean, putting that view which I have aside for a moment.Hitler by my understanding was defeated by \’tricks\’.He had a strong belief in \’astronomy\’. and made his decisions according with advice he was given.That advice could not be trusted, because everyone has their price. well not everyone but perhaps most.*Now if he had learnt the knowledge for himself rather than paying an expert who both leaked the information and gave him wrong advice.. then who knows how it would have turned out in terms of history.I am just pointing that out , because Im sick \’patriot\’ bollocks. On a seperate issue of course it was terrible what he did to the jews.but theres a very BIG part of the story which is missing..x

  4. and believe it will continue to \’stay missing\’, because people still think the war in Iraq was about oil.There Is No oil in the holy temples which the army excavated/destroyed.Hitler- had a lot of vedic knowledge. was his belief………

  5. Having some big spaces problems at the moment – behaving very erratically so i wont write too much in case it does not publish….againHope all well, enjoyed last couple of blogs – despite my apparent absence I have been watching and when spaces starts behaving itself, will write something more meaningfulPete X

  6. Boooooo!:Dhey daffy… have you seen the trailer for 2012 movie which comes out on friday thee 13th.Lovely day heh heh.Do you remember when we went to the cinema @my blog in 2006 to seee this?well actually it was finding nemo because I hadnt got an animated 2012 end of the world gif…so instead the script was written underneath.Lmao, dont forget to clean up!funny. they should make it a comedy…….Ive waited…….. long enough for it :)maybe thats why I substituded it for \’finding nemo\’He was swimming a long time round Atlantisssssss :Pheh heh hugs mazi x

  7. yes.. only my nemo was thousands and thousands of years ago :Pyes I am going to see it, because I think I could do with a good comedy :DThough Im trying to imagine whether I will get annoyed with it……Yes youre probably right. Only because I feel, he\’s ended the movie wrong.and missing the most crutial part out.Answer to your question.Reality should be right where it should be.!who decides where?heh heh xx

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