Oops I did it again….


8 Responses to “Oops I did it again….”

  1. haha! The whole of my building just heard you! No-one could understand your accent though! ;o) x

  2. Love the phone – LOLHope she\’s feeling much betterTCCx

  3. lmaolmao! chooooonin in~It was your mam.why dint you answer? ayeeeee. ? :PAm I right was it your mum :D.I only managed to get one and a half minutes to load. wots up with these youtube videos?Love the bit where they speak, made me laugh when I watched it. I think they were disliked from the auditions. They were a bit cocky arrogant (seeming)Simon didnt like that, so you could say he kind of is responsible for starting it.However sometimes I think he maybe just looks ahead, and probably saw a future they couldnt handle at that stage.When they first got through I noticed when they got to italy, how they\’d kind of had a reality-shock. and now I think theyre handling it Great, if not the best out of all of them when they get negative abuse.Simon said something like \’they would kill their own grandmother\’ or something simliar to that. Which I thought, kind of overstepped the mark.So what im saying is, they kind of had the sympathy vote.I Like Olly :)I want one of those :DPerfect :)love maziiiiiiii

  4. You will pleased to know that I have no liking for techno, techno, techno – preferences include real musicians playing real instruments in a way I like. In fact I despise it as much as I do x factor and other \’reality\’shows – I was 42 a couple of days ago – am I beginning to sound old and grumpy yet.I did a \’trial\’ run of a vidlog thing the other night – I got the camera out and just prattled on for a few minutes just to feel at ease in front of the flashing light and in the end it wasn\’t all bad – except I didn\’t realise I sounded so northern – I mgith do it for real one day…..do I really have to upload via you tube? There must be another way……your turn to get all technical.Take care – now I will sit back and see what the daf has to say todayPete XFacebook always seems fugged from what people tell me

  5. heh heh heh.Reality is in the eye of the beholder?deeeeeepends which \’eye\’ you\’re lookin throoo :Dcertainly makes \’sense\’.Well,Ive just been and had a look, he\’s not next door to me.Just two old people, and I think theyre deaf, hopefully :)You got me all dissappointed, was just about to knock a hole in the wall, and join our properties :PI dont actually feel the singing in this competion is that great.but it sure would be better if was more about the singing than the battle of the judges, and if they focused more on their own contestants \’the personalities\’ and the songs accordingly.I think its the songs chosen which have been the mistakes.I think what I mean is..forgotton her name, the welsh girl who really can sing, they gave her a dodgy whitney housten song \’How will I know\’Simon said, something about, it wasnt right, she sung it well but he couldnt put his finger on what the problem was.I thought what the problem was is this…Does she seem like the sort of girl who would ask such a question.can you visualise her in life \’asking those lyrics?\’if it isnt relevant to the person you are \’in your true self, your soul…then all you can do is act it. So she acted it out, and therefore it was wrong.wrong song choice.sorry for the babbling lmao.dunno, I felt like a chat :Dhugs mazi

  6. my conclusion is however-theres too much sh#t on TV.:)*

  7. I\’ll admit I was a little confused but I got there in the end – thanks for clrearing it up for me and hey, I got two comments from you for the price of one!!Anyhoo, hopwe you are well. Thanks for your thoughts and I agree totally, no consequences for their actions or at the very least, no fear of the consequences of their actions.Broken families, political correctness, immigration, lack of discipline and respect, no punishments in schools, too many dogooding tree huggers, ridiculous judicial system, compo culture, violent TV, films, video games – even crap TV like the X factor contribute to to the causes of the problem and frankly, I don\’t think there is a solution – well not a legal one anywayHope your OK, I\’m enjoying the v-blogs and tempted to do mine – when I get some semblence of \’me\’ time – but for now, all work and no play makingpete a very, very dull boy indeed!!Take care and be good….Pete XX

  8. Planet Nicola Says:

    YAY I got here eventually! Firstly, thank you SO much for what you wrote under my poem thingy. I never write anything to impress, (uh, yeah, like as if….it\’s all usually all sh**e!) but I am so glad you enjoyed it. x It cheered me to know that it was liked (and i\’m not depressed btw some of the time ok)) Secondly. swine flu??!! OH MY LORD! Woah, is she ok now? It\’s sounds so scary, I bet you\’re worn out? Glad you got it under control, Daffy. Apparently if you get gammon flu, (which is a new strain) you can get itcured faster **Tumble weedsss**Hope she\’s feeling much better soon, i\’ve heard other people who have had it say it knocks it out of you fora long time after (Like all flu, i imagine) So, lovely to see and hear you again. This is so cool, you should have your own tv show… it\’s so entertaining, down to earth and i can imagine a lot of people relating to it (and finding comfort that you have dealt with a real life sf case!) Not like all the other toss and vlogs that are on youtube. Gonna have to remember the 7 ate8 nine jokeSo good! Take care all at the Daffy household!Love NicxxxPS Was it your mum on the ol\’ blower? : ))) hahaha

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