Movin Right Along….


4 Responses to “Movin Right Along….”

  1. Nah, your never a horrid friend laughing at the t-shirt shrinking. It was almost an inevitable irony but then things like that always seemed to be happening to me. I suppose I will have to lose some more weight!!I have been a bad friend as I haven\’t been tuning into to spaces as often as I should recently and keep up with your wonderful vlogs. I have been busy with work and stuff and spaces has also been pissing me off a lot recently – your thought makes complete sense that spaces is a human entity with its moods etc…. Question is, is it a man or a woman – i get the feeling we may well disagree on that!I\’ll have a little more time over the next few days as I will ahve the house, computer and fridge all to myself for a few days and I have promised myself a good old catch up so it will be Dafvlogs, in stereo sound streamed on my big TV……..fantasticTake carePete XX

  2. Hey……. it\’s so good to see you back. Missed you, Daf. Thanks for popping by and approving my Bazza choice. Although it kinda chose me, so I can\’t take any credit for it. You\’re not completely wrong about the drunken showgirl song, but it is flawed, lyricly. That bit in the middle where he sings "There was blood and a single gunshot, but just who shot who?"…. Welllllllll…. my guess would be that the bloke on the dancefloor with a hole in him was the one what got shot, and the bloke on the dancefloor without the hole in him, holding the gun, would be the one what shot him. It ain\’t rocket surgery, is it?Anyway, that song is a good one. Reminds me of you in a way…. except you\’ll never lose your youth and your Tony.;-)Much love & laughter to you, Daf,Stevexxx

  3. …… and….. if Rico had a gun all along, why did he bother hitting Tony with a chair?….. silly song. I love this Muppet one though. xxx

  4. Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy Daffster!!Well I have to say that I\’m just loving Kermit and Fozzy……..and the muppet at the top\’s not bad either ;op I just dragged ma carcass in to reassure you that i\’ve not been playing with ma lasso and got maself in a big knot, nor have I contracted mad cow disease or in fact been ravaged legless by cowboys…..more\’s the pity…..I\’m still here but busy with school stuff and kids stuff and stuff…..and desperately trying to forget that I\’ve had another birthday…..thanks for reminding me ;o)Hope that all\’s well and that Taryn\’s all over her bug…….apparently she\’s got Gammon Flu now………cuz she cured!!! BADDABOM TshhhhhhAhem…..I\’ll get me coat then………. xxxx

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