Whaaaaaaaat the hell??
This one just left me speechless.



7 Responses to “Quicky….”

  1. weird.

  2. What the fug?!?! Where do you find this stuff? What drugs do you need?Thanks for thoughts – to be honest, I am not really bothered what anyone says about me and I have had bigger and uglier people say worse but downright lies to make themselves look like an innocent and hurt party. NO promises were made and everything on my part was entirely honourable but toys out of the pram and a whole host of lies on an anonymous blog.Thats why i didn\’t put a link in, this numpty thrives on attention and her currency is comments – seems like she deleted it anyway now I have reminded her that out of desperation – she sent me some photo\’s…………Anyhoo, hope all is well with you. I am having a few days off whilst Mrs J is having an operation. I\’ll be picking her up later which is a shame because I have enjoyed my time home alone!!I\’ll be blogging about my most recent experiences with the NHS but Mrs J is fine – well when I visited her last night she was sat up in bed eating chocolate and barking out her orders – I\’ll take that as a good sign!!Take care and have a brilliant weekendPete XX

  3. The Divine Mrs M Says:

    HiYe know how sometimes you \’click your mouse\’ and then you land on somebodys page?.. well I think that\’s what happened to me, and I arrived here.. I believe i followed pete judge in here.. i think thats what happened lolI enjoyed looking at your videos, but due to me being 90% deaf at the moment, and also ive got a new headset, and i cant find the volume control :s I couldnt really hear what you were saying!! sorry! I think i got the one about a car? does it work? LOL anyhoo i know ive seen you round spaces as long as I can remember..so I didnt want to leave without saying \’Hi\’ and a really nice space you got here. I was missing all summer, but i\’m hoping to build my space back up again!mags x

  4. Every time i see this it scares me, i think its talking about cup a soup, but theres nothing relevent to it, the people are deformed and scary. It makes me do that thing where i grin because im uncomfortable hahah, it\’s that bad. :S xxx

  5. WTF!!!!!

  6. Hiya DaffersssssssssssssssssssssWTF was that video all about? LOL! Made me laugh though. Sorry I aint been around much, but blogging just seems like a lot of trouble recently, doesn\’t really help that the news in general pisses me off! grrrr haha Thanks for you comments mate, I do apresiate them! I always like to hear your opinion and thoughts, bud! :)Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtFDYofpif0 Thought you\’d like it if you haven\’t seen it already. Tis getting switched back on soon, hope we don\’t go all sigularity! haha ;)Hope all\’s well mate, much love and talk soon! xxxxxxxxx

  7. I knwo what you mean – people usually sent me text messages of similarly weird and wonderful things…….I suppose they just think you might enjoy them.Yes, Mrs J is about annoying the hell out of me now. I jokingly gave her a bell to ring but if I hear it one more time, I guarantee I will put it somewhere the clanger wont work so well!! Can\’t wait to go back to work on Wednesday……..did I really say that?Hope all is well in Dafsville and looking forward to your next visual treatLovePete XX

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