Horror Fest


8 Responses to “Horror Fest”

  1. Hey babe. Not watched your clip yet, but I know it\’s fantastic. I need to find my headphones before I can play it. I could use the speakers, but I think my gaybours have had a tiff and one of them is playing VERY loud Cher at the moment. I could pop round there and convert her, but I\’m not sure which one it is, and yes…. I am that fussy.Anyway…. sorry about not breaking news of the "Equalizer\’s" (that\’s what you meant) death to you more gently. I will next time someone passes away. I\’ll start by telling you that they\’ve got a job fixing aerials to chimneys. Then the next day, I\’ll inform you of them having an accident. Then after a few days of them being hospitalised, I\’ll let you know they\’ve died…… oh, by the way, Richard Todd of Dambusters fame is up on the roof trying to get BBC4.Have a great weekend, Daf.Love & Laughter to you,Stevexxx

  2. Oh yeah, and Blanche from Corrie is holding Richard\’s roof ladder for him.xxx

  3. Only me again……. last one, I promise (that\’s a real promise, not one of my usual ones)I\’ve managed to watch your clip whilst enduring a quiet medley of Love Can Build a Bridge and some B-side cobblers from Mermaids, and I enjoyed it very much, ta…..aaaaand, bless you, bless you, bless you….. you are so good to me. Not only do you fight illness to address the nations, but in doing so, you "spoil" three films that I have absolutely no intention of ever seeing. Everyone\’s a winner.xxx

  4. thnx DAF – well just pray i get beter and life treats me with some respect regards

  5. OMG I nearly wet mesen at the dancing on tables chick, not a good thing at my age. Ohhhh look at you, fit bird alert. I thought about doing one of these, then I couldn\’t get me thing to work so I gave up and then later realised I wasn\’t doing it right lmao. I love a good horror film, a love since being really young and stopping up to watch Hammer on a Saturday night in front of the fire in the dark lol. Everyone\’s told me that paranormal thing is scary but I ain\’t found one that scares me as yet, ohhh and I ain\’t been to the flicks since before Norman was born! Ohhh I don\’t do dvd\’s either or many films cos I just fall asleep, it mesmerises me to sleep lmao. Ohhh the Saw films are really good, I stayed awake for a couple of them lmao, must admit I nodded off the second time though lmao.(((BIG HUGS))) xxx

  6. haha ur funny! I like your fringe, I might get one. I grew mine out. x

  7. So you\’ve been having a big old laugh at my expense eh????I don\’t blame you – at the time I could not believe this person was bneing serious sending me mail after mail after mail. I often wondered if it was a tactic to wear me down a bit untill i just gave them the phone to get them out of my hair – unfortunately they don\’t know me!!I have another one now – It states clearly on my listings that I only post to the UK – so safe to assume I wont sell to anyone outside the UK. This numpty from spain has won an auction and I am refusing to send the stuff and told him to cancel. He cannot understand – probably from Barcelona – why i don\’t want to post it. Because I f***ing don\’t !!Apart from that all is well. Mrs J is getting back to her old self, nagging, moaning, groaning…..nice to have her back. Whilst the bell didn\’t end up where i threatened, it has gone mysteriously missing – yes it was my own fault, I deserve it!!Anyhoo, hope all is well with you – better go back to my emails and resolve this issue with my new spanish friend before I start a diplomatic incident!LovePete XX

  8. Planet Nicola Says:

    Christ, she kills him??!! OH NoooO!! I definitely won\’t be watching it now hehehe That\’s was so good, I love your top, oh and your hair.. and everything, laugh out loud!! Brilliant. (Daffy Norman!) Oh, I had to tell you, I saw them in a shop today, and I nearly screamed out with laughter.. I saw one of those penguins bumming santa claus (you know in the globe) OMG!! Hehehe I picked it up too and shook it, I wish you\’d have been there and seen me….seriously, I was like OH WOW, It\’s daffy\’s penguin! Anyhow, I didn\’t buy one (god I didn\’t have a pound on me, can you believe it?! I was so spent up. So yeah, what was on the designer\’s mind at the time? And who paints them??? LOL So funny, I\’ll get one next time I swear… and stick a photo of it on my page. Lovin. the scary movie report. It\’s not the blood, guts and gore which bothers me, it\’s the psycho mind games in films. Yeah I don\’t like that kind of things.Anyhoos, toodle looKeep on bloggin\’!HugsNicolaxxxxx

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