So what do you like to do at 3.15 in the morning?

When the early hours roll round on the weekend and youve had a couple of glasses of vino de ratarsedio what do you feel the urge to do? Apparently I like to try on really big pants…..


(Oh and thanks to my wonderful daughter for catching this priceless Kodak moment…)


11 Responses to “So what do you like to do at 3.15 in the morning?”

  1. Planet Nicola Says:

    Ouchhhh! Least you put some pants on. I seem to lose mine hahahaha Whoever\’s pants they are, are going to be pretty shocked at how much weight they\’ve lost whenthey come to put those chuffers on LOL **Big giiggles**Was going to say have a good weekend but it seems you\’ve already started!Keep on supping!xxx

  2. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN those are some fuggin HUUUUUUUUGE pants!!!! Either they don\’t really belong to you or you can seriously suck in your gut!!! ANYWAY, I am to keep this brief coz I need the loo, I\’ve made a canny wee blog entry that I hope you\’ll approve of HEHE!!! RIGHT, on that note, really shooting off now or I\’ll burst!!!I bid you achoo large pantied lady and wish you a wonderful sunday to come!LUV n HUGS!!!BBFNHB!!!(^_^) xxxxxxxxxx……….

  3. Well hey HRH, thanks for stopping by. Thats a pair Bridget would certainly be proud of! Now, what did I pop over for ..? Who are you? Stop following me!Ah, such a good film, funnily enough it\’s title escapes me… erm, Finding something… Oh yeah, Nemo, heheheKeep smiling,Purple

  4. I wondered where I left those! xx

  5. Now that is attractive – do you mind if I keep the picture?Now the question occurs to me – who do they belong to?????? Hope all is well and your weekend is coming to a peaceful close. Had a quiet one really, did have plans but for some reason things never quite worked out so i ended up staying in drinking a few bottles of \’instant idiot\’ then shooting zombies on a wii game which to be honest, I never believe I would have liked in a million years!!I am a bit anally organised when it comes to xmas, mainly because I dislike it so much. I know that doesn\’t really make sense but it helps me cope – never my favourite time of the year but I suppose I have to make some effort.Anyhoo take care dafness and catch up soonLovePete XX

  6. XXXXL i do beleave… im tired and i just spent quite some time looking at that word wondering where the \’i\’ goes in it, spelling\’s never been a strong point as you very well know…I shoudl be bed now, finished some work yay 🙂 just a seen exam to do now then im freeeeeee :D:D:D:D see you tomorrow xx

  7. Hi DafThank you so much for your kind words.I remember your name because you were the very last person she commented too back in july, but I dont see it in the update thing anymore.It will be a very different Christmas this year but I keep a smile on my face for my mom.My uncle Mike says I should change my profile picture but I dont want to really change anything.When I\’m sad I read my sisters words on her space and they make me feel better.She always had alot of love to give everyone and I hope I can be as good a person as she was.Thanks for the laugh at your photo above, and Happy holidays and hugsAmilia (Ami)

  8. Dya know that\’s the weirdest of coincidences….or as Tiddler would say "co-ink-ee-dinks"………I was only talking about BIG pants earlier and then I pop over here and WHOOOOOOAAAAH!!!!Anyhoodles, the tree is up…….the lights are up……Tiddler, after Xmas last year, methodically removed each and everyone of the little plastic hangers from the baubles and now I can only find half of them ;oS so in a bizarre interior design kind of fassionee I have a big bowl of balls on my console table "darling, mwa mwa""……..and I\’ve just got in from the works night out………always a treat not to be missed ;op Actually it all passed off rather more peacefully than usual cuz we all legged it as soon as one of the staff members got ratted……..I love her to bits but there\’s a complete transformation when she\’s had a ickle drinkypoos!!! Not a transformation in a Hong Kong Fooey kinda way (she doesn\’t jump out of a filing cabinet in a mask and then struggle to overthrow baddies with the help of a trusty sidekick) it\’s more of a Jeckle and Hyde thing. The whole restaurant, approx 100 people fell silent when she SHOUTED over to our table that we should all stop being so F*CKING miserable!!! It got slightly more bizarre when she grabbed me by the face, said I looked gorgeous and then proceeded to insist that I\’d had my hair done……despite my assurances that I hadn\’t. The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that, at some point during today, my head must have parted company with the rest of my body and taken itself off to Tony and Guy!! Bloody clever that cuz I never noticed a thing ;o)Hugs Tootsie xx

  9. Happy Birthday, Daf.Love to you xxx

  10. Happy Birthday! Have fun dancing in your pants :o) xxx

  11. Androgoth Says:

    Hmm… I thought that it was a new take
    on the string-kini lol Not sure what’s worse
    on this one though? lol Just kidding…

    Androgoth Xx

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