Once more with feeling…

So yeah I know I post this eeeeeeeevery year but it just makes me laugh.

8 Responses to “Once more with feeling…”

  1. It wouldn\’t be Christmas if you didn\’t post this.Well, technically, it would still be Christmas, but it wouldn\’t be anywhere near as jolly.Glad to see you survived the weekend. How was Avatar? I was thinking of going to see the 3D version, but I don\’t want them blue chappies reaching out and touching me inappropriately.Have you seen "Yes Man"? Don\’t tell anyone, but I think a Jim Carrey film actually spoke to me today. I expected it to happen one day, but I thought it would be "the Grinch" that won that race. Heigh Ho Ho Ho….Always,Stevexx

  2. X-mas, what a rude awakening from the dead.

  3. My tree? Must be getting old….If I don\’t speak to you before, have a totally slendid Christmas Xxx

  4. Wotcha Daffinder Wonderland… Thanks… Just BLOODY thanks… I have to say I feel horribly scarred and my skin wants to crawl off under the desk whimpering… The majority of that vid I can handle but the little Father Christmas in the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny red polka dot bikini had just about made me what to tear out my eyes. THE HORROR!!! THE HORROR!!!Soemthing about the provocative stand and they way that by flipping the image it looks as though it\’s doing some sort of slinky walk really, really wants to make me want to gaga with fear. I\’d rather play thumb wars with freddy kruger than watch that again. I have a feeling it might be a short game though… Perhaps best of 1?Although, if he did lop my thumb off with his crazy razor thumb would it technically be a draw?… With me being thumbless, I would be unable to pin him and he wouldn\’t be able to pin me either unless we both got down on our hands and knees so that he could place his thumb on my now \’detached digit\’. But is it as simple as that?… What if my thumb drops, bounces and then inexplicably ends up under a piece of furniture. You\’d have to stop the thumb war so you could fish the thumb from it\’s hiding place and does that end the game? Do you have to start a fresh round in which case I no longer have a thumb to thumb war with unless first going off to A&E to get it re-attached. Does Freddy win by defaut in which case he\’d be undefeated thumb war champion of the world by having an unfair advantage? Which ever way you look at it things are going to get messy and not just cos of the squirting blood from by \’Left 4 Dead\’ hand… But hey… every cloud eh? I could be the cover hand for Left 4 Dead… I could make meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellions of dollars… Become internationally famous and go on to be the International Ambassador for The DragonBoy Foundation For People Without Thumbs Foundation (or TDFFPWTF for short – pronounced Tud-Fer-Pwut-F) that I\’d set up.All because of the scary santa in your video… I shall not forget to thank you for the mental scarring when I am famous…And either way… I\’m sleeping with a bat under my pillow come Christmas Eve…***And I\’d have gotten away with it if it wasn\’t for those Meddling Monday Hugs***DB xxx

  5. Happy Christmas! Did you like the hat? I\’ve decided I\’m going to be come a regular hat wearer from now on :o) I like them! Wish I hadn\’t bought it in purple now, beginning to hate that colour and it doesn\’t go with my coat!xxx

  6. The old ones are the best eh?I have been sent this a few times over the years and to be honest, it still makes me smile.You see, that is why you should never give anyone your mobile until you are absolutely sure they are decent and for real – you are a fine looking woman after all and of course to some of the narrow minded and shallow numpties who use the internets, you are fair game that is gagging for it.In a strange perversion of the natural order of things I have been subjected to unwelcome advances which I wrote about even though i could not have been any clearer – it\’s never the one you want it to be is it?? – that I was not interested. I am supremely guarded about who I give any personal information to now, many boxes have to be ticked and despite all i write about how easy i seem to be losing friends at the moment – i ain\’t all bad!I\’ll be writing my xmas blog in a couple of days – you might just want to read itTake carePete XX

  7. Hiya Daf,sorry you couldn\’t play that clip I uploaded to YouTube. I was aware that Warner Bros have a tight strangle hold on any content of theirs, but it seems to play okay, so I don\’t know what the problem is. Anyway, I\’ve transcribed the clip, cos I really wanted to share what he was saying in it. Please pop back and have a read.As for my "run up to Christmas", well….. it\’s Tuesday ain\’t it. Friday will come and go. Only difference for me will be that the bin men won\’t visit.L&L,Stevexxx


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