Just Stuff and Nonsense.

Final blog before the big day,  and I thought I should leave you with another dose of complete nonsense (cos thats all you get round here anyway). So here’s another of my bizarre offerings.  How about an Italian faking singing in English (and dont try and make out the words cos its complete gibberish!).
Just remains to say…


One Response to “Just Stuff and Nonsense.”

  1. Arrrrrrternude Daffo… Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh what\’s Christmas Eve without watching panto\’s on TV especially when it involves Hearsay miming wonderfully. Whatever happened to them???? weeeeeeeeeeeeell everybooooooooody neeeeds somebody to luuuuuuuuuurve… C\’mon… Everybody… lemme see your haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands… I\’ve just popped by to proffer Chrimbo greetings and say that you have won my first \’Spot-The-Deliberate-Mistake-On-My-Blog\’ competition. Of cooooooooooooooooourse they were Skull Candy earphones so you win a grand prize. Something amazing… Something spectacular… Something bubbly… Do you like bubbly things?Weeeeeeeeell it is my proud duty to present you with this special limitied edition bottle of Matey… HUZZAH!!!So Merry Chrimbo Daffo… Hope it\’s a good one.***East 17 \’Stay\’ Downward Fist Clench Hugs***DB xxxP.S. I thought the comb-over was hiding the bald patch… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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