A Little Update

Well I wasnt gonna bother heading back to blog land until after the new year,  but then it occurred to me I wouldnt get the chance to wish everyone the best,  and i would probably forget half the stuff I meant to say so time for a little (or rather waffly and huge) update me thinks.
Christmas eve headed to Church for the carol service as we do every year.  Bit of a family tradition with my kids and the oldies.  Now im not the best of singers in the first place,  but having recently had cold (and bearing in mind how flippin high you sing everything in church) when I opened my mouth either nothing came out or an unGodly squawk.  I then decided the only way i was gonna sound even vaguely in tune was to sing everything an octive lower,  so I ended up doin all the classics (Away in a Manger and that kinda malarkee) while doing my best Barry White impersonation. 
Christmas Day we went via my father in laws to my mam and dads.  Now every year Dad-in-law says ‘Dont buy me a present’ and every year we dutifully do (cos you just have to really dont ya).  However instead of the reaction youd expect from an aging relative,  a gentle chastise and a ‘You shouldnt have’ he glared at us in a really hostile way and chucked it down the side of the chair. Seriously unimpressed he was and I had to make excuses about having bought it aaages ago.  Made me snigger though. One day I hope to be that eccentric. From there we went over to my mums for the usual fun and games.  Had our dinner during which I managed to take my sis in laws side in a rather heated discussion with my brother,  then they started to talk about something else and I leapt on his bandwagon.  So they were both a bit narky with eachother and I walked away halo in tact ;O)  Then we all played this daft game called Penguin Pictureka.  Basically this violent little penguin thing that spins around and flicks tiny cards at you in a vicious circle while you all have to scramble about trying to find pictures on them.  My 8 year old niece won three times before her Dad informed us that she just makes it up as she goes along and none of us had actually been checking. 
After that flopped our way home to eat our own body weight in cheese and crackers,  while watching Dylan Moran live,  during which I drank a bottle of champagne by myself.  I think hes funny at the best of times but by the end I thought he was bloody hilarious.
Boxing day was spent with friends. Just took a little bottle of vodka,  as the initial plan was to remain sociable and not over do things.  However I hadnt seen my mate whos house it was since my birthday and she presented me with this huuuuuuuge bottle of voddy.  By God I was popular! Sod the lager and other stuff people had meant to drink,  there were four of us in the corner having a vodka party…. aaaaah good times.  My mates son was sat opposite me swaying slightly and smiling mysteriously,  I suspect because he had actually lost the ability to talk.
Had the night off on Sunday and then Monday headed off down the local.  Darling daughter and her BF are here at the moment so they tagged along.  Was a really nice night,  although sadly I suffered a terrible loss when i managed to chuck a glass of wine over myself and my friend next to me. If i hadnt been feeling so apologetic I may well have sucked the sleeve of her cardi.
Still much to be done this week,  including  spending spree tomorrow with the kids (HUZZAH!) Having a couple of friends round tomorrow evening,  and goin to the fabulous Emz on New Years Eve, then having them back here for New Years Day dinner.
So anyway Im currently feeling content,  fat and blessed and all that remains is for me to say I wish everyone a
Happy New Year
All the Best for 2010

3 Responses to “A Little Update”

  1. I couldnt read that as its all blurring due to too much vodak consumption. but happy new year.. I can see that bit cos its big! xxxxxx

  2. Helloooooooooooooo Daffinda New Year Wonderland… Don\’t talk to me about cheese and crackers. Seems everywhere I go at the moment I\’m having to take a little package of ritz biscuits and brie with me as I seem to be a little bit addicted. All stems back to my addiction to dairylea when I was younger. I thought I\’d been weened off it and those days were behind me but, via the evils of the laughing cow, I seem to be out stealing badgers and old ladies and selling them on the black badger/old lady market to satisfy a craving that dare not speak it\’s name.Factor in the sausage roll… erm… factor… and I\’m a Brie\’d-up ritz biscuit sausage roll mess. A thought has just struck me… I\’m considering making a scooby-doo-esque sandwich with just those 3 ingredients… ritz bisuit, brie, sausage roll, brie, ritz biscuit… I\’m weeping with lust and desire at the very thought.Happy New Year Daffo… Hope 2010 is ladened with things that make you smile and zoomy… and sound less like Barry White.***Should Old… ??? Auld…??? Aaaaaawww-d…??? Aquatics Beans Forgot Thursday Hugs***DB xxx

  3. … and may 2010 bring you all you desire, Daf.xxxx

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