Thoughts on snow and other stuff.

Earlier today I was asked if I thought the heavy snow at the moment was due to global warming.  I answered ‘No its often been known to snow at this time of year’. Glib I know but Im in that kinda mood.  I also would like to point out to all the smug foreigners who have been saying ‘Well we get twelvty inches every year and it doesnt stop us’ that we dont get it every year.  In fact very rarely does it snow like this so we dont go out and get snow tyres or chains or God knows what else you lot use.  We basically drive around in the equivalent of a sledge with training wheels on which can be fairly dicey. 
So new year….. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! I am full of the joys of it at the moment.  Im expecting alot from 2010,  I mean 09 was ok and had some really good bits,  but I feel it in my bones that this one is gonna be better,  despite beginning it stuck in a high heeled boot.  Yes really.  I have various theories what the significance of this is,  but if Im totally honest there probably isnt one. 
Today I read a book called ‘Is it just me or has the shit hit the fan?’ which is a rather sarcastic look at the current political and cultural climate.  Any book that bandies about  phrases like ‘Go tiny cowboy go’ (when speaking about Bono being a tax dodger) and ‘death camps for ponies’ and freely uses the F word and repeatedly calls bankers arseholes has my seal of approval. 
Had a very nice evening last night down at the fabulous Emz house, and am about to whizz up a culinary masterpiece cos were having her and her hubby round for dinner.  I genuinely think I cant drink anything.  I have a feeling if I try and lift a glass to my gob some part deep within my psyche (the part that believes in self preservation) will kick in and in a reflex action Ill throw it over my shoulder or something.
Anyway Im off now,  need chap stick and a fag.  Life styles of the rich and famous huh? ;O)

4 Responses to “Thoughts on snow and other stuff.”

  1. You\’re right. This year is going to be so much more okay than last one. Last one had the highest highs and the lowest lows for me, so I\’m gonna make sure I hover around the \’not too bad\’ region for a few days before aiming for the highs again.Much Love & Laughter to you and yours,Stevexxx

  2. DragonBoy Says:

    Good Ambletoon Daff… I CAN\’T BE A PANDA???!!!!… I CAN\’T BE A PANDA COS OF MY CHEESE FETISH???!!!… Are you saying I need to conform to conformity and be something more in keeping with what is widely accepted and in line with cheese loving animals? Well I think you\’re being Panda-ist. Why can\’t Panda\’s like cheese? Has anyone ever asked them? Or do some people (not thinking of anyone in particular) keep a blinkered view and just think \’Well Panda\’s eat bamboo so they must like it\’. If you were born somewhere where there was only mushy peas to eat and you had to eat them to survive, how would you feel if someone said… well, I\’ve only seen you eat mushy peas so I\’m only going to feed you mushy peas and not… for example… Lime Jelly???And anyway… mice are so common… like rats. It\’s said that you\’re never more than 20ft away from rat although, more interestingly, you\’re never more than 12,450 miles away from a tiger (unless you’re in deep space but what’s a tiger doing in deep space? That’s just crazy madness!!!) so just keep that in mind and keep your wits about you.But, in a show of friendship and the fact I\’ve let bygones be bygones (you\’ve still got my lawnmower), I am prepared to ease your addled mind and become something more socially acceptable on the endangered cheese loving creature front.Therefore…***drumroll begins***2010…***trumpet fanfare***The year we apparently made contact after our space odyssey…***Lions roaring***Will forever be known as…***Fireworks and hugely expensive pyrotechnics***DB’s year of being a…***pause and numerous camera shots from different angles of me looking pensive although it normally appears more constipated***MOUSE LEMUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Technically I still don’t know if mouse lemurs like cheese but it’s a frinkin’ mouse ok (‘cept it’s not really)???? And keeping a pragmatic view of things at least you told me now while I\’ve still got the receipt and can exchange my panda tendencies for mouse lemur ones. You coulda kept your thoughts in check til June and then i’d have been completely stuffed. And that’s what you shouldn’t do to a panda cos they’re endangered and there’s no way a stuffed panda is gonna get it’s jiggy on.***That\’s Why I\’m Squeaky… I\’m Squeaky Like Sunday Moooooooooooorning Saturday Hugs***DBP.S. I\’ve heard that by June/July/August time, temperatures in this country may have risen by as much as 20-25 degrees!!!! Is this anything to do with global warming???P.P.S. On the Panda/Cheese front… I think you\’ll find I\’m right… <img src="; alt="DunkerPanda.jpg" /> <br /><a href="">Free file hosting from File Den!</a>

  3. DragonBoy Says:

    Hey Stalky-Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace, Stalky Faaaaaaaaaaace… Have you been eating Oasis soup? Apparently you get a roll with it… BWA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… I\’m glad you\’re laying out the lie of the land for 2010 early with all this thingymajig about stuff being the way you roll. This sort of thing has never raised it\’s head before in the many years I\’ve known you… certainly when you were a teenager back in the 30\’s you used to be respectable and more open to other people\’s views and certainly more accepting of tigers. Has the power of a purple rinse gone to your head and you\’re now feeling bolshy?Mind you, you\’ve always been pendantic… Picking up on pacific things… the tiniest mistake that people make. It\’s what makes you the \’character\’ you are. We all laugh (behind you back of course) and say… Hey… y\’know that Daff… She\’s a character.And honestly. the picture is taken from the National Geographic archives. The NG know… They\’re down with my Dunkin\’ Panda Homies. We all street innit and whatever… You mess with us we gonna bust a dunk in yo ass….Y\’hear… All yo players and schemers… Yo don\’t be messin wiv da Dunkin Panda Posse… We\’s wearing a dairylea wrapper out da back pocket of our pants… dem\’s our colours. You laughing cow nonces… we own you… stay offa out turf y\’hear… Y\’HEAR…But than I heard me mam clapping her hands and calling me in for tea so we had to leave it there… Like…***Some Call Me The Space Cowboy Sunday Hugs***DBizzle xxx

  4. Has anybody asked you whether you think it might be something to do with the pole shift going on?#eh-ayeeeeeee ..hope you had a great christmas ! Happy new year . :Dmaisy x

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